Hello! My name is Dimitri, the founder of ImageStudio; a dedicated professional wedding photographer with a passion for capturing the love, joy, and excitement uniquely found at wedding ceremonies. In love with the town-artistic Italian, I chose the capital as a starting point for an endless dream. For as long as I can remember, I’ve believed that remembering and treasuring the moments that make us laugh and cry is something that makes life more beautiful and respected.

My passion for treasuring unique moments brought me to the world of photography at a young age. As I continued to study the art of photographing people and events, I learned the best ways to record moments of passion, happiness, excitement, and love. The calling I had always felt for treasuring unique and beautiful memories quickly combined with my newfound passion for photography; as a result, these two influences naturally opened the door to wedding photography. Determined to use my passion to help others remember and respect the most important moments of their life, Image Studio (a respected wedding photography studio in Italy) was born. Now, I am proud to say that I collect and organize the memories for happily married couples who come to Italy from all over the world. Let me be the first to say that it has been such a joy to use my passion and talent to help happily married couples remember the exciting day they united their lives.

Why Image Studio? My love for photography has led me to becoming an active member of some of the most prestigious photography organizations, including the ISPWP, Fearless Photographers, the Best of Wedding Photography, and Junebug Weddings that stands out as one of the best Wedding Photographers in the World. Not only do these credentials keep me aware of client expectations and current wedding trends, they are also great ways to tell that you are getting a respected and professional wedding photographer.

Planning a wedding is hard enough; to make finding a wedding photographer less stressful, our staff uses their friendly personalities to earn the hearts and smiles of each guest at the ceremony. This approach makes each step of the wedding shoot and video so natural, you’ll forget you’ve hired a professional rather than a close friend. Finally, the fact that our services are available throughout all of Italy means that getting your fair share of sightseeing in while customizing your wedding photoshoot or video is a breeze.

The Philosophy: The philosophy behind Image Studio is simple: provide the most positive wedding day experience by delivering the most breathtaking, special photos of each client’s wedding ceremony and reception. The philosophy behind Image Studio is simple: provide the most positive wedding day experience by delivering the most breathtaking, special photos of each client’s wedding ceremony and reception.

We get it; every wedding ceremony and reception is different from one another. To capture the unique features of each couple’s special event, I have designed Image Studio into a personable but professional wedding recourse that cherishes each wedding ceremony, bride, groom, and guest list. We accomplish this by making our services available all across Italy, including the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Florence, Milan, and more. Not only do these various locations allow for breathtaking photos and videos, it also gives our soon-to-be-married clients the freedom to select the shoot location that best fits with the tone and theme of their wedding.

Travelling is part of our corporate philosophy, because we are sure that assimilate different cultures, traditions and understanding to go beyond their borders is critical to continue to grow, both professionally and personally enriching our values ​​and transporting us behind a wealth of experience remarkable.

<< And Image Studio all opinions are positive, all the experiences they have had wonderful, and will be remembered almost as friends, as well as professionals of the trade! >> This says a major portal dedicated to weddings, to highlight the added value we give ourselves ImageStudio of the bride and groom on their wedding day.

Our Team: Although I have created Image Studio, our team of photographers and schedulers are the backbone to the success and development of our company. We understand that planning a wedding is a long, tiring ordeal; with this in mind, our entire staff welcomes each pair of newlyweds with smiles and immediate assistance, making the booking and coordination processes as easy as possible.

Myself and my team would love to give you and your loved ones the best wedding gift of all- a beautiful wedding photo book or video to keep the amazing memory of your big day alive. For more information about our services, don’t hesitate to contact me at info@imagestudio.com.