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Alexandru+Ana | Wedding Photographer Rome

The balloons flying in the air

Kiss in the countryside

Couple in love among the flowers

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Fun times

Girlfriend thoughtful

Kisses among colorful flowers

Girlfriend with flowers in hand

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The future wife's hand

Much laughter in the country

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Eye to eye with sweetness

The crown of his girlfriend

children playing

A kiss to her husband

Smiling to the green lawn

Photography Services premarital Engaged

The balloons flying in the air

Jumping husband in the air

Keep hands walking

Long awaited kiss

Moments of pure happiness in a couple

The hills of Rome

Eyes full of love

The bride and groom in Rome

Lovers holding hands

The future husband

Carefree moments in Rome

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Photo shoot with the wedding car

The girlfriend who runs

Photo session in the countryside

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Sun kissed

Photo shoot in Rome

Photograph of girlfriend

Premarital service in Rome

Photo shooting in the countryside

Photo shooting in Rome with two boyfriends

The balloons in the air

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Spectacular view of the countryside

Photo session in Italy

Beautiful countryside of Rome

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Photo shooting in the countryside

Sunny day

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ImageStudio professional photo

Looking at the panorama of the countryside

Photo shooting at sunset

Fiancee in the white dress

Celebrating with Champagne

Two lovers in Rome

Look admirable for girlfriend

Jumping for joy

Pictures with the balloons in hand

Photo shooting the couple

Moments of complicity between lovers

engagement session

The couple with their car

Bridge Lake

Two people in love in Rome

Lying on green grass


Boyfriends play

Colorful balloons in hand

The hills of the countryside

The bridge of the lake

The wind blows the balloons

Photo book in the Italian capital

Sweet kisses among the flowers

Kiss on the cheek

Flying three meters above the sky

ImageStudio team specializing in wedding photography

Photographing True Love: Alexandru & Ana

Weddings are eventful occasions, and are known for the happiness, joy, and love they bring into the lives of everyone involved. Deciding to have your wedding in a beautiful, historic country like Italy is an excellent way to add even more unique flair to your big event. Furthermore, having a wedding in Italy allows everyone attending the opportunity to visit places such as the Roman Colosseum, Tuscany, and Capite, which most of us have only dreamed of. Bride and groom Ana and Alexandru knew that the beauty and romance Italy was famous for would be the perfect finishing touch to brighten their wedding and inspire their guests. After careful deliberation, they decided to hold their wedding ceremony in Rome, Italy. The next step to a phenomenal Italian wedding was determining which time of year would be best for both themselves and their guests. Although Italy offers beautiful weather year- round, they decided that a June wedding would best capture Italy’s allure. With the date and location set, our happy couple began to plan each little detail of the big day. Because they wanted to be able to cherish the memory of their wedding day for the rest of their lives, they began considering the options they had regarding professional wedding photographers in Italy.

At first, finding a professional wedding photographer for their big day seemed like a trivial task compared to big projects like booking the venue and planning the menu. However, once this happily engaged couple began searching for experienced wedding photographers in Italy, they learned not all of their options were as professional as they originally made themselves out to be. While some photographers were able to accommodate their needs, few would allow them to take photos outside of their set wedding venue without additional charges. Furthermore, Alexandru and Ana wanted to ensure their photographer could deliver high-quality wedding photos in a number of different poses, which they found to cost an additional amount on top of the standard photography rate. As they continued to find more difficulties in their hunt for a wedding photographer they could trust, Alexandru and Ana decided they would begin searching both online and through word-of-mouth referrals from Italian locals.

After conducting more research online and with recently married couples, Alexandru and Ana began to hear the name “Image Studio” more and more often. According to word-of-mouth referrals, this photography company was rumored to be the most professional and relatable company to work with in the entire country. Intrigued with their reputation, our happily engaged couple decided to call for more information. During their phone call, Alexandru and Ana learned that Image Studio specialized not only in wedding photography, but wedding videography as well. Furthermore, they allowed couples to choose any location in the country for their wedding shoot, and did not limit the photo sessions to one location only. As our couple grew more excited, they inquired about the level of experience their photographers had. They were pleased to learn that Image Studio had been offering wedding photography services in Italy for many years, and had a number of different packages to choose from. Even more exciting, Alexandru and Ana learned that they could contract Image Studio to design a hand-made wedding photo book, which they compiled after the wedding. This promise of a physical wedding book was exciting for our couple, particularly because they would be able to place it in household locations such as the fire mantle or book shelf for other members of the family to browse through as needed.

After speaking with the Image Studio staff, there was no doubt in Ana and Alexandru’s mind that they would be contracting Image Studio to document their wedding. They were particularly happy about the fact that the team of inside staff and the photographers themselves were extremely personable and helpful. They could tell Image Studio was happy to cater to their specific needs, including the types of photos they wanted, what poses they would use, and the feelings those photos would capture.

As the wedding day approached more rapidly, Alexandru and Ana were pleased to know that everything they needed for the photography portion of the wedding was completely taken care of by Image Studio. They were pleased to see that the photographers showed up earlier than expected to set up their equipment, and happily waiting as our happy couple prepared their clothing and shoot location. The location for the photography shoot perfectly matched the personality of this couple. Their photos were taken in a lovely, grassy field just outside a small Italian town, which allowed the photographers to capture the raw, natural beauty these two individuals shared with the Italian countryside.

Each of their photos is extremely unique, and breaks the mold of traditional wedding photography. Their wedding photo shoot was conducted entirely outside, and features each and every natural element imaginable. In their wedding photo book, our couple can be seen cozying up to a blazing fire, standing atop a gorgeous Italian lake with the help of a rustic wooden bridge, and enjoying one another’s company in a field of grass and wildflowers. The intricate expressions captured by the Image Studio photographers include feelings of excitement, ferocious love, and comfort in one another’s company.

After their shoot and wedding ceremony, Alexandru and Ana are ecstatic to have taken the time to collaborate on this wedding photo shoot with the Image Studio team. The fact that they would be able to share the memory of their wedding not only with their current family but future generations as well means more than to them than they can explain.

If you and your significant other have been planning an upcoming wedding in Italy, and are interested in contracting a wedding photographer to help you capture the memory of your big day forever, contact our team to discuss your photo options.