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Alexandru+Ana | Wedding Videographer

Couple in love among the flowers

Alexandru and Ana: A Playfully Beautiful Wedding Video

A wedding between two people is more than just an all-day celebration; it’s a symbol of love and commitment to one another. Couple Alexandru and Ana fully understood the commitment they would be making on their upcoming wedding date, and were extremely excited to finally turn their relationship into a marriage. As they began to prepare for their wedding day, the question of how they would document the event continued to crop up. Unsure but interested, they began looking into their options.

During their search, they discovered there were two options for documenting their upcoming wedding ceremony. The first was by contracting someone to compile a traditional photography book, while the second was finding a professional wedding videographer it Italy to capture their ceremony on video. After considering the benefits of each option, they realized that a wedding video would be able to capture themselves in motion, which was something they each highly valued. After deciding on a wedding video for their Italian wedding, it was time to begin searching for the company they would trust with capturing their most important memory on film.

Before reaching out to videography businesses, Alexandru and Ana wrote a list of the qualities their perfect videographer would have. They felt this would allow them to effectively determine which individuals were a good fit for both their wedding day and their guests. Some of the qualities they wrote down included personable, professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They also kept in mind that whoever they chose to work with, they must be able to understand the relationship dynamic between themselves. Finding Italy’s best wedding videographers proved to be more difficult than they expected. As our happy couple began inquiring with other wedding videography companies in Italy, they found that some of their most heavily prioritized values were being overlooked. While some videographers seemed personable and easy to work with, they seemed to lack the professional knowledge to successfully compile a high quality wedding video. On the other hand, the wedding videographers that did seem professional and knowledgeable lacked the easy demeanor they would need to feel comfortable during the shoot.

Finally, after speaking with multiple locals and conducting many internet searches, they found the name Image Studio. Interested, they immediately contacted the helpful staff at the Image Studio office and began asking questions. To their surprise, they not only learned that Image Studio met all of their preselected qualifications, but they also travelled at the will of their clients. Alexandru and Ana began realizing how many more options they had regarding the wedding and shoot locations; they could choose to have their wedding video at the Colosseum, the Amalfi Coast, Venice, and more. Excited at their possibilities, they booked the Image Studio team for their wedding. The easy booking process and excellent customer service made it easy to book their wedding date and move on to other wedding preparations.

As June 28 quickly approached, our couple surprisingly felt no anxiety at the fact there would be a wedding videographer following their movements throughout the day. Although Alexandru and Ana were inherently ambitious, the fact that they completely trusted the Image Studio team made it easier for them to relax and enjoy the day. On the wedding day, the Image Studio team arrived before they were expected to set up and prepare for the work ahead of them. During the time they prepared, they spoke with the bridge and groom in order to learn more about them and their expectations for the video. Once the shoot began, the close relationship between Alexandru and Ana was obvious.

The wedding video begins with the pair outside, meeting one another along the outskirts of a building. The scene is filled with caressing and kisses shared between the two and it is obvious they are entirely comfortable in one another’s company. With the bride dressed in her lovely white wedding gown, and the groom dressed sharply in his black tuxedo and purple bow tie, their attitude towards one another is clearly playful and excited. The video goes on to capture the thing our happy couple valued most; movement. The pair stands in a cobblestone street, dancing with one another as Alexandru dips his bride into a low back bend; this unique display of capturing the joy in a moment of movement is exactly what Alexandru and Ana had been hoping to achieve in their wedding video.

As the video progresses, the playful personalities this pair has begins to shine even brighter. They strike hilarious poses simply for fun, and the enjoyment they are having being silly is obvious. Their childlike excitement progresses into more kissing, dancing, and laughing as the cameramen continue to capture their joyful faces. Finally, the moment comes where the groom places the wedding band around his bride’s finger. The camera masterfully captures the ring slide onto her finger to meet her engagement band; seconds later, she and the groom meet eyes meaningfully.

In order to create incredible wedding videos like these, it is our belief that we must capture the love, excitement, and bond shared among two individuals during their wedding ceremony. This wedding video of Alexandru and Ana captures all of that and more, and is a perfect example for the benefits of a professional wedding video. Once the video was edited and sent to our now-married couple, they were ecstatic at the results. The way the Image Studio team had used the wedding video to capture their closeness and synchronous movements were exactly what they had dreamed for. Now, Alexandru and Ana are excited to be able to pass this keepsake to their future generations, and enjoy it for themselves in the meantime.

If you have been considering using a professional wedding videographer for your upcoming wedding ceremony in Italy, contact the Image Studio team of professionals for more information. We’d love to make your special day a memory to last a lifetime.