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Andrei+Dina | Wedding Photography, Rome

Eyes full of love for the newlyweds

Beautiful wedding dress

Bride shoes

The shoes of the groom

Final details

The preparations of the couple

bride in the garden

Accessories groom

The bride at home

The preparation completed

Her friends dancing

The groom on the balcony of the house

Nephew of the couple

Final preparations

The bride smiles for the petals

Groom anxious

Church of Santa Maria in Tempulo

The groom in the church of Santa Maria in Tempulo

The bride arrives

The bride and the bouquet

San Teodoro, Rome

Ring for her future husband

Ring for his future wife

Eyes of happiness for the groom

They come out from the Church of Santa Maria in Rome Tempulo

The bride and groom outside the Church of Rome

Rain rice

Laughing in the rain rice

Kiss outside the church

Church of Santa Maria in Tempulo, Rome

Exchange of looks happy

Photo for the bride

Congratulations to the groom

The bride embraces her friend

The groom with his niece

Selfie bride with her friends

The bride and groom smile

The groom with the Witness

The groom and the witnesses outside the Church

The bride in his arms

The happy newlyweds

The wives of the Church of Santa Maria in Tempulo

Rings of the couple

The bride and groom with bouquet

The cones of rice

wedding car

Rear Facade Of The Palazzo Montecitorio Rome Italy

The steps of Parliament Square

looks accomplices

The bride with the car

A kiss and part

The bride in the car

The escape by car

Viale del Belvedere

Moments of affection

Eye to eye

Photographs in Rome on Viale del Belvedere

Groom with bouquet for his wife

Kisses on Viale del Belvedere

The groom and the bouquet

Reflection of the couple

The bride and groom smiling with happiness

Eyes full of love for the newlyweds

The bride full of happiness

Running on Viale del Belvedere

Running from her husband

The bride and groom run

Casina Valadier

Many kisses for them

Casina Valadier in Rome

Photographed between the rays of the sun

The veil flying in the air

Veil in air in the Casina Valadier

Destination Pincio Terrace

Piazza del Pincio in Rome

Pincio Terrace

The view of Rome from the Pincio Terrace

Viewpoint of Rome on the Via del Belvedere

The couple have fun in the garden of the Pincio

The groom kisses the bride

Groom asleep near the bride

Exchanging hugs in Rome

The bride and groom with sportsmen

The bride and groom holding hands

Imagestudio Photography

Beautiful picture of the couple

Pictures taken in Rome in the Garden of the Pincio

Eye to eye in the Garden of the Pincio

groom elegant

The two lovers

The couple with the dog

Look admirable for the groom

Imagestudio Photography

Imagestudio Photography

Imagestudio Photography

Exchange smirking

Walk to the Pincio in Rome

Beautiful Garden Pincio

Husband and wife together

The newlyweds in Rome

Staring at infinity

Viewpoint of Rome

Photographed in the garden of the Pincio

Kiss on vespa

Hand in hand in Rome

The steps of Trinita dei Monti in Rome

The beautiful newlyweds photographed

Hand in hand

The steps of Trinita dei Monti

The bride in the mirror

The couple next to car

Borgo di Tragliata

At the Fiumicino Borgo di Tragliata

Location of marriage

Off from the farm in the garden

Heart sign of love

small details

Apple on the table

Hall of Reception

The glasses for the toast

The grandchildren on the lawn of the farm Borgo di Tragliata

Toast to the bride and groom

Selfie at Restaurant Borgo di Tragliata Fiumicino

Moments of pure happiness

Selfie groom with the witness

Kiss on the nose for small

The bride with her friends


Glasses in hand to celebrate

The pool near the restaurant

The Bride and Groom Restaurant Borgo di Tragliata

Party Begin

Dance dedicated to her husband

Dancing in the drawing room

The bride celebrates

The wedding cake

The beautiful wedding cake for the bride and groom

Cutting the cake

Cake ready for the newlyweds

Throwing the bouquet

The bride's bouquet

Bouquet took in air

Weddings are an once-in-a-lifetime event for the bride and groom and it is natural a couple wants it to be the best day of their lives, one can cherish for as long as live. The best way to make a wedding even more memorable is to have a destination wedding as it allows the couple to enjoy the beauty of the place which they had always wanted to visit while being in the company of their partner. It was the same idea that promoted our bride and groom of this wedding story, Dina and Andrei to have a destination wedding in Rome.

How They Found Us

One of Andrei and Dina’s friends had organized wedding in Rome and they had loved their wedding photos. On inquiring friends regarding the photography service Andrei came to know about Image Studios. Having talked with us in person and seeing our work, the couple was convinced that we definitely were the photography service that anyone could trust for photographing any memorable event.

Selection of the Wedding Venues and Places for Wedding Photographs

Andrei and Dina were so happy to find us that liked our work so much that they trusted us with the task of choosing the venues for their big event. It was an enormous responsibility but we took it on as we had an idea which venues would suit the lovebirds. We suggested to them that the Church of Saint Theodore on the Palatine Hill in Rome and Church of Santa Maria in Tempulo, Rome would be perfect for the wedding while for the wedding reception we recommended the Borgo di Tragliata. They were only too happy with our recommendations and both those venues were selected for the two events respectively.

When it came to the selection of places for the wedding photography the couple again trusted our choice. We suggested that Spanish Steps and Street Mickiewicz would be the perfect backdrop for some stunning and memorable wedding photographs in Rome. The Rear Facade of the Palazzo Montecitorio, the Pincio Gardens Villa Borghese and the square Trinità dei Monti were some of the other places that the couple chose on our recommendation for destination photography.

The Wedding and the Reception

The wedding ceremony held at the magnificent Church of Saint Theodore was captured in all its beauty by our photographer. Each beautiful moment from the entry of the groom and the bride to their vows and kiss was perfectly preserved on camera by our photographer. In the photos of the wedding ceremony, what is most striking is how beautifully the grandeur and interior architecture of the church has been portrayed. Both Andrei and Dina are looking gorgeous and madly in love with each other in every wedding photo.

The wedding reception held at the Borgo di Tragliata was a very entertaining affair and our photographer was able to catch all of the excitement, happiness and merry making by the couple as well as the guests on film. Andrei and Dina had been told to remain themselves and not pose for the camera as we wanted to capture their eternal love for each other in the most natural manner. The reception photographs are vibrant just like the event was and show how happy everyone was.

Destination Photographs

We were able to incorporate the view of Casina Valadier in the destination photographs of Andrei and Dina. The Piazza Del Popolo view from Pincio Terrace was also captured in one of the destination photos of the couple. The photo having the view from Parc Villa Borghese was the most loved photo by the couple out of the entire album.

If you too want to capture the beauty of your Italy wedding like Andrei and Dina then feel free to contact our Image Studio team and make your wedding day truly memorable.