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Andrei+Dina | Wedding Video, Rome

Moments of affection

A Perfect Ceremony and Reception: Dina and Andrei’s Big Day

The joy and passion that is present during a wedding ceremony are some of the most precious moments that can be documented on camera. Thanks to Italy’s gorgeous countryside and historic cities, this unique and exceedingly popular vacation wedding destination is drawing happy couples to its soil from all corners of the world. Longing for a unique ceremony in a beautiful location, bride and groom Dina and Andrei decided to hold their sophisticated traditional wedding ceremony at the Church of Santa Maria in Tempulo, Rome. Knowing that a ceremony being held in a beautiful wedding location like the Church of Santa Maria should be well documented, this soon-to-be-married couple became determined to capture every precious moment of their wedding ceremony and reception. As such, Dina and Andrei began searching for a professional wedding videographer in Italy that could service a number of locations throughout the country. After a quick local search and consulting with the local public, this passionate duo found Image Studio, a reputable wedding videographer and photographer servicing all of Italy. Within their first phone call, Dina and Andrei learned the trustworthy staff and experienced videographers were industry experts in the art of wedding documentation.

Our happily engaged couple knew that having a professional wedding videographer build a wedding day would give them the ability to pass their memories along to future generations. While some couples choose to contract a family member to take photos of the big day, many lack the equipment, professional vision, and time to take photos themselves on their big day. Reassured by the technical skill and friendly, professional demeanor of Image Studio’s videographers, Dina and Andrei were finally put at ease, knowing the documentation for their special event would now be in the hands of professional videographers. Once the wedding date was set for May 6th, 2015, Andrei and Dina began preparing for their wedding photo shoot in Italy. After carefully considering which pieces of Italy they wanted to include on their big day, the excited couple selected a few beautiful locations to begin documenting their once in a lifetime experience. The wedding shoot would be divided among eight different destinations, including the rear façade of the Palazzo Montecitorio, square Trinità dei Monti, the view from Parc Villa Borghese, the view of the Casina Valadier, Street Adamo Mickiewicz, Piazza del Popolo, the view from Pincio Terrace, the Pincio Gardens Villa Borghese, and the Spanish Steps. Pleasantly surprised by their freedom to choose from so many different photo shoot locations. Dina and Andrei were only more excited than ever to see how well the wedding day documentation would turn out.

While the planning stages of the wedding ceremony were still under way, the team at Image Studio offered suggestions and tips for choosing a wedding location in Italy. The team explained that ceremonies can be held in nearby locations, such as the Church of Saint Theodore on the Palantine Hill in Rome, or other distant locations such as the Amalfi Coast. Once again, the fact that they could choose any wedding location they liked, and know their photography team would be there to support them was an invaluable benefit to our happy couple.

Now that all planning had been completed, the wedding day began to approach rapidly. Their wedding destination, the Church of Santa Maria in Tempulo, Rome, began undergoing decorations in preparation for the big event on May 6th. Despite the natural nervousness Dina and Andrei felt as the emerged from their dressing rooms, the natural demeanor of the Image Studio videographers allowed both individuals to relax, enjoy their big day, and forget about the flashing cameras. The shine of the groom’s shoes and glamorous folds of the bridal dress were only outshined by the bright smiles worn on both Dina and Andrei’s faces. As the two walked down the aisle, the excitement and of the entire chapel was captured by the inaudible cameras moving carefully throughout the room.

Thanks to the detailed eye of the Image Studio professionals, even small details like the wedding cake, family greetings, and more were captured to create a well-rounded representation of the wedding ceremony. Immediately following the official ceremony came the wedding reception, which was held at the Borgo di Tragliata. The excitement of friends and family stand out in this section of the wedding documentation as dancing, food, and drinks are enjoyed by everyone. The most vivid emotions seen in the video of all are the passion and joy exuded from both Dina and Andrei.

Now, Andrei and Dina are able to look back at their wedding day with a smile; with their unique wedding album and easy to watch video, this happy couple is able to cherish the commencement of their marriage for years to come. It wasn’t only the bridge and groom that found the value of wedding day documentation in Italy; the immediate family members of both sides of the marriage were pleased to be able to revisit and cherish their children’s wedding day as many times as they’d like. Keep the excitement and passion of your wedding day as more than just a memory; cherish it forever with a timeless combination of professional wedding photos and video.