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Destination Wedding in Rome: Loana+Wesley

Destination wedding photographer in Rome

Your wedding day is the most joyous and exciting day of your life; a positive precursor to a happy new life. As the most romantic place in the world, making Italy the location for your destination wedding adds special character to your wedding while allowing you and your loved guests to visit the historic streets of Rome. Have you considered using a professional destination wedding videographer in Rome to document the details of your destination wedding? Loana and Wesley, the bride and groom of our story, knew that picking Italy as the country for their destination wedding would give them the chance to see places they had only dreamed of. These dream destinations included places like Dream the Roman Colosseum and the Palatino, of which they had only ever seen pictures. Their wedding was planned during the bright Italian summer, giving them the chance to experience the region during the peak of its seasonal beauty. Wanting to make the most of their destination wedding in Italy, our happy couple was faced with the challenge of deciding how they would document the occasion. After seeing the wedding videos of their friends, Wesley and Loana began to search for a reputable photography company that would also be able to document their wedding on video. Originally from Tamarac, Florida, Wesley and Loana knew they would also have to overcome the challenge of finding a trustworthy company to work with until they could arrive in Rome themselves. Thankfully, Loana and Wesley were able to find Image Studio, a professional destination wedding photography and videography company that delivers quality documentation services for destination weddings in Rome.

Finding a reputable company to document your wedding ceremony on video can be difficult when you plan to marry in a different country from the one you actually reside in. Because Loana and Wesley wanted to be sure that their ceremony and reception would include the aspects of the event that they deemed valuable, it was important for them to find a company that understood the importance of capturing not only marital love, but also the familial love shared between the families during the event as well. Since wedding videos were a foreign subject to them, the loving couple also knew they would need a professional that didn’t mind offering suggestions and tips on how to capture everyone’s passion and excitement in the destination wedding video. The most important concern they had when researching destination wedding videographers in Italy, however, was finding a professional that would make their guests feel comfortable to work with. Our couple understood that being videoed could be uncomfortable for some of the guests; therefore, they were diligent in their search for someone who would interact well with their families and make everyone feel at home and comfortable. During their search for wedding video services in Rome, they came across Image Studio’s website and knew they had found the one. Motivated by Image Studio’s established reputation as a high quality wedding videographer and photographer, Wesley and Loana began asking their questions via e-mail, cell phone, and Skype. The quick response time they received from the Image Studio office excited them, but it was the simple scheduling procedure.

As the wedding date came closer, Wesley and Loana came to Image Studio for advice on the best places to visit and film at during their stay in Italy. Because Image Studio offers wedding videography across Italy, the bride and groom to be were excited to have the freedom to choose the location of their ceremony and reception without limitation. Once the specifics about the wedding’s date and time were finalized with the assistance of Image Studio’s organized staff, the big day started approaching faster than ever. When their days became packed with coordinating and fine-tuning the other aspects of their wedding day, Loana and Wesley were relieved to know that their destination wedding video was ready to begin only when they were.

Their video expertly highlights the awe and joy in the room as the pair appeared onto the red carpet, their emotion glowing on their face. The impressive beauty of the San Silvestro Church in Capite, located Italy, brought out the elegance in our marrying couple as they gracefully walked towards their new life together. In the Image Studio video, Loana’s excitement and happiness brings out the beauty of her wedding dress, while Wesley’s appears amazed at the beauty of his new wife as she takes his hand. As the video progresses, the wedding ceremony at San Silvestro Church comes to a close, and guests pile into their cars to head for the reception.

For those who doubt a video’s ability to capture the fun and joy at a wedding reception, take a look at the video segment from Loana and Wesley’s Quirinale wedding reception. In the well-lit video, our videographer was able to capture the bond between Loana and Wesley as they danced their wedding dance while their friends and families enjoyed the moment.

After arriving back in the United States, Loana and Wesley are unbelievably thankful to have their destination wedding video, and plan to save it for their children to watch when the time comes. The happy couple was thrilled with Image Studio’s ability to highlight the hundreds of emotions felt by themselves and their families on the big day. More than that, however, the fact that they are able to keep a lasting video memory of the beauty of their San Silvestro wedding service and Quirinale wedding reception is priceless to them. Now, they’re able to keep the details of their destination wedding in Rome fresh in their minds for the rest of their lives.

If you and your significant other are planning a destination wedding, and want to make the most of your unique opportunity, consider having a wedding video made to document that special day so you can hold it closely for the rest of your lives together. Wedding videos are a perfect added touch for destination weddings, and allow you to document both your incredible vacation and once-in-a-lifetime wedding ceremony.

Are you set on videography services, but aren’t quite sure if you want a destination wedding photographer to compliment the event’s video? Take a look at the wedding photos of Wesley and Loana taken by Image Studio to help make your decision. Finally, if you’re planning a destination wedding in the Italy, contact our Image Studio team to get more information about making a wedding video that will help you treasure your marriage for a lifetime.