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Mirela+Dima | YOU-Session, Rome

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You have never seen a lovelier couple than Mirela and Dima. If there is one thing that couples will go out of their way to see to success, it is their wedding. I mean, realistically and theoretically, a wedding is only supposed to happen once in a lifetime, isn’t it? There is no trace of doubt that these two lovebirds did nail it when they chose Rome as their wedding destination and engagement session in Rome.

Italy is a well-known country, for its beauty, natural glamour, great people and well … there is just something that is so romantic about getting married there. If you do not like Rome, which is one of the beautiful cities and the wedding destination of choice for many people, there are other amazing cities like Venice, Florence, Tuscany and many more. Our lovely couple, Mirela and Dima knew this very well, that the start to a memorable wedding starts with the destination and when they chose Rome, well, they couldn’t have done better!

How Mirela and Dima found us

We usually do ask people who come to us for photography services how they found us and we always look forward to hearing that they were referred to us by friends or by people that we had served before. Such was our joy when we heard that another couple had told them about us whose dream garden wedding we had covered in Italy, not in Rome though, but Venice. Need we say how delighted we were that another customer found us worthy of a referral, and unprompted too? When Mirela and Dima viewed our portfolio online, well, as Dima put it, they “fell in love with what they saw”.

Creating Memories

In order not to forget anything that happened in their once-in-a-lifetime event, the couple settled for the best wedding destination and having chosen us as their choice wedding photographer to capture the most cherished moments as they unfolded, well, they were on their way to having the best session that their money could buy.

Like many couples, Mirela and Dima always dreamt of how to bring out their best on their D-Day. They wanted a location that would spell romance, and which would turn to be a ‘dream come’ true for them as well as all of their guests. This being a once in a lifetime event, a wedding photographer must be excellent to be able to store the memories as souvenirs that can be passed down generations in the family.

For your session, professional photographers can come to your home, on preferred sites or in the studios. For our couple, they allowed us to choose amazing places in Rome. It turned out to be an experience that was way lovelier beyond their expectations. A good your session may last for about an hour or so because you have to change clothes, take a short break and maybe eat some snacks.

Choice of wedding venue

Mirela and Dima trusted us to choose the best venue for them and here, I must say that Rome really spoiled us for choice. Firstly, the main consideration was whether we would look for an indoors or outdoors venue. We chose outdoors for the photography work … that is what every photographer opts for whenever the weather allows. And in Italy, the weather allows that all the time, even in winter, considering that the winters in Rome are mild.

When looking for the best venue, every photographer considers a few important things like the backdrops as those make a perfect. You-session for the bride and groom. That is why most people consider parks, villas, gardens, palaces, Jewish Synagogues and old Protestant churches, which have great grounds and whose architecture makes for the perfect photo backgrounds. Then there are the perfect places for civil weddings and for a cathedral wedding, Rome has some of the best, most adored ancient cathedrals.

The importance of an engagement session

Every photographer encourages their couple to go for an engagement session where they will get engaged with the idea of being photographed for almost the entire day on their wedding day. Actually, the engagement session is like a rehearsal, a good idea too if you wish to get acquainted with your photographer. Mirela and Dima made our work so easy for us. These two are what many people call photogenic, you know, every photographer’s dream. Thanks to them largely, the e-session progressed beautifully and that was the main reason why we had such astounding success on the actual wedding day. We advised them to take the engagement session in the afternoon.

We enjoyed photographing Mirela and Dima

The Mirela and Dima you-session came out astoundingly, capturing the couple at their best, in photographs that tell a story when viewed in a certain order. We held this session outdoor in Rome and we chose some of the greatest backdrops, thus telling two stories at the same time, from one photograph. If you’re inspired by Mirela and Dima’s YOU-Session, don’t hesitate to contact Image Studio for more information.