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Galina+Dorin | Wedding Day


Ghenadie e Natalia Galina & Dorin an Incredible Wedding Video for a Truly Romantic Couple

Weddings are a symbol of eternal love and commitment to the person you will spend your life with. As such, the love, joy, and excitement felt by everyone involved in the wedding ceremony is a true testament to the powerful bond shared between both bride and groom. Of course, it is the love and excitement that weddings most known for, partially due to the fact that they are the easiest emotions to catch on camera. There is, however, one emotion that tends to be much harder to capture on film. Romance, the feeling of excitement and mystery that often goes hand in hand with love, is by far the most difficult feeling to capture during any wedding ceremony and reception.

Bride and groom Galina and Dorin have cultivated a relationship full of love and romance. They are fully committed to one another, and the bond they’ve developed over the years has made their relationship unique. While searching for a romantic venue to hold their wedding, Galina and Dorin realized that the country of Italy would make the perfect destination wedding location for them. Full of historic significance, ancient tales of romance, and thousands of gorgeous churches and synagogues, Galina and Dorin knew that Italy would give them plenty of indoor and outdoor options for their wedding venue. Finally, Galina and Dorin decided to have their wedding in Rome, Italy, where they would enjoy the beautiful colors of fall as the leaves on the trees around them began to change.

They set the day of their wedding for October 10th, 2013; it would be a beautiful autumn wedding in the warm country of Italy. Once a date was set, our soon-to-be-married couple longed to find the best way to document the excitement and romance they would experience on their wedding day; but how? Their minds began to swirl with the endless venue possibilities Italy offered; considering a number of romantic locations such as the Roman Colosseum, the Palatino, and the Amalfi Coast, they began to wonder how they would document the event. Their biggest worry, however, was finding a professional wedding photographer or videographer that would be willing to travel.

Our bride and groom had heard of friends using professional wedding videographers in addition to the traditional professional wedding photographer, allowing them to obtain both pictures and video documentation of the biggest day in their lives. Seeing the significance in having a wedding video professionally shot, Galina and Dorin began searching for a professional wedding videographer in Italy. After only a few days of searching, they came across Image Studio’s excellent public reputation. They reviewed the existing professional wedding videos and wedding photography on their website, and immediately knew they had found the perfect fit.

After speaking with the Image Studio staff, Galina and Dorin were growing more excited about their wedding day and unique wedding video in Italy. Image Studio assured them that they would have the opportunity to pick any shooting location they desired, whether it is one location or multiple. Excited with the endless possibilities, they considered all the different scenic locations in Italy. Enjoying the idea of an outdoor shoot in the fall, they decided on a scenic park located in Rome, Italy. To help ease wedding day jitters and prepare the couple for the many photos that would be taken during the ceremony, the professional wedding video shoot took place directly before the couple would walk down the aisle. Dressed glamorously in their wedding clothing, the anxiously excited couple made their way to the park, where they could enjoy the beautiful fall leaves as they participated in their wedding- video shoot.

In Galina and Dorin’s wedding video, the amount of love and romance they have in their relationship is obvious from the start. As the autumn leaves rustle throughout the park, Galina takes Dorin’s arm in a gesture of trust and guidance. Throughout the video, their comfort with one another’s personalities is obvious in the way they look into one another’s eyes and kiss each other proudly. Galina’s gorgeous wedding gown folds away from her figure as her beautiful diamond earrings bring the focal point of the video directly to her luscious brown eyes. Her groom, Dorin, looks sharp and loving in his all-black tuxedo as he stands behind his bride, clearly thrilled that she will soon be officially his wife.

The smiles, kisses, and joy showcased in this video are nothing compared to the final moments of the shoot when Dorin surprises his love with a bouquet of flowers. Obviously happy to have surprised her, Dorin smiles widely as he watches the look of flattery cross Galina’s face. While some couples prefer to conclude their wedding videos with a shot of them walking down the aisle to their new life together, this lovely couple choose to keep their professional wedding video strictly to the moments leading up to the wedding. Of course, this is simply a matter of personal preference that each couple must choose for themselves.

The most important aspect of an incredible wedding video is the ability to capture the love, excitement, and bond between two individuals on their special day. Couples who are interested in documenting the unique moments during or leading up to their wedding ceremony should consider the benefits of a professional wedding video. After watching their wedding video, Galina and Dorin were thrilled. The quality of the video and the depth of the emotions it captured was much more than they had ever expected was possible. Now, our happily married couple has both a professional wedding video and photos to remember the day their lives merged forever. Take a look at their wedding photos here to see how the video and photos complement each other!

If you and your special someone have been considering the need for a professional wedding videographer for your upcoming wedding ceremony, but need more insight as to how a wedding video would complement your professional wedding photos, contact the Image Studio team of professionals for more information.