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Mihai+Liliana | YOU-Session, Rome

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future bride

Photo shoot in Rome

Moments of happiness

Return children

Liliana change outfit

Shooting in Park

Two lovers in Rome

Playing with the mirror

ImageStudio realizes photos

Pampering in the green grass

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Photos of the park

Couple give kisses

Liliana receives kisses

Shooting in Rome

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Relaxing day

Flying high on the swing

Three meters above the sky

looks accomplices

The Betrothed

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Sewing shirt

Photo book to the lake

Lake Rome

Girlfriend with wreath

Relaxing Sunday

The romantic lake in Rome

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The beautiful swing of lovers

Hand in hand to the park

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Photographs in Rome

A couple in love

Moments of relaxation in the park

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Sincere embrace of boyfriends

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The bride and groom on the grass

Picnic in the park

Beautiful woman at the park

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Playing among the flowers

Liliana at Park

Boyfriend and flowers

Flowers for girlfriend

Jumping in the air with flowers

Liliana plays with the dress

There is nothing more romantic than having a wedding ceremony in the beautiful country of Italy. Considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Italy is home to incredible and history cities such as Venice, Florence, Tuscany, and more. For those who prefer a slowe pace of living, the Italian countryside offers incredible views in place like the Napali Coast, Abruzzo, and Valle d’Aosta.

For these reasons and more, couples from all across the world choose Italy as their travel wedding destination. Mihai and Liliana understood that the best way to begin a successful marriage is by holding the ceremony and reception in a unique and beautiful place. With that said, our happily engaged couple saw the beauty and glamour of Italy and immediately knew it was the one place that would suit their personal taste; after careful deliberation over which part of Italy they would have the ceremony, the pair decided on the infamous city of Rome. Once this fabulous pair had selected a destination for their wedding, it was time to choose a wedding photographer for their photo engagemente session in Rome.

Finding the Right Photographer for the Wedding

As a general rule of thumb, Image Studio always asks our clients how they came across our business name. Although it’s nice to know our online and print marketing efforts are working, hearing that our new clients were actually referred to us by couples we’ve worked with in the past is down-right exciting. Like many of our other clients, Mihai and Liliana were referred to us by a couple of our previous clients. After hearing our business name from a few friends, this happy pair decided to look us up on the internet, where they fell in love with the endless photoshoot locations in Italy, as well as the vision of our photographers.

Lasting Memories

Your wedding day is a time you’ll want to remember and treasure forever. As such, doing what it takes to document your wedding day properly is a must for creating long lasting memories. To avoid forgetting even the smallest moment on their big day, Mihai and Liliana knew they would need to choose not only the best wedding location, but also the best wedding photographer they could find. After consulting with the knowledgeable staff at Image Studio, this couple decided to begin their wedding experience with a pre-marital photoshoot. Shocked at their ability to choose any venue they pleased (including their home, botanical gardens, small fields, and more), Mihai and Liliana picked out two locations for their engagement photoshoot in Italy. To their surprinse, the photographer made them feel comfortable and at ease, allowing them to take breaks for a snack and wardrobe change as needed.

Choosing a Wedding Venue

The next step for our happy couple to take was selecting the perfect wedding venue for their ceremony. Because the country of Italy offers so many different locations, Mihai and Liliana had quite a selection of wedding venues to choose from. During their deliberation process, Mihai and Liliana had to take a few different factors into account. First, they knew that they must choose either an indoor or outdoor location, which would depend on both their own personal preference and the weather’s cooperation. These are all questions every engaged couple should ask themselves when searcing for a wedding venue. Ofte, outdoor parks, large cathedrals, botanical gardens, historic palaces, Jewish synagogues and ancient churches are all popular wedding venues in Italy.

Why Consider an Engagement Photo Session?

Engagement photo sessions are an important part of the wedding day shoot, even if it occurs a full week before the actual ceremony. If you’re wondering why, the answer is simple. Regardless of how comfortably any couple feels togerher in front of the camera, breaking the ice with a warm-up engagement photo session helps everyone feel more comfortable in front of the lens. Not only that, but it also helps to build a friendly relationship between the bridge, groom, and photographer, which also helps the wedding day photoshoot go much smoother. Luckily for Image Studio, Mihai and Liliana are a beautifully photogenic couple, and were extremely fun to work with. Thanks to their happy personalities and willingness to take part in an engagement photo session, the phots from both the engagement session and the actual wedding day came out phenom.

Why We Enjoyed Photographing Mihai and Liliana

The photos from Mihai and Liliana’s You-session (also known as engagement session) were breathtaking. Each photo captured the excitement, love, and bond the pair have for one another. Their session was held at a lovely outdoor park in Italy, which featured a rugged wooden tree swing and gorgeous lake. Aside from the beauty of the photoshoot, it was a joy to see the love both of these individuals have for one another. If you’ve been inspired the You-Session Mihai and Liliana experienced, contact the Image Studio staff today for information on how you and your significant other can experience an engagement shoot for yourselves.