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    The summer began to arrive in the lovely country of Italy as an incredibly happy couple began to plan the union of their lives.

    The two gorgeous individuals, Anatolie and Dana, had recently become engaged. As such, they quickly began anticipating the warm Italian summer, the arrival of their friends and family, and the date of their wedding. They also however, found themselves pouring over the preparations for the wedding day; a task which any newlywed knows is no small feat. Regardless, this young and vibrant couple knew that if everything would be prepared by the date of their wedding day, they must begin thinking about contracting wedding day services, including a professional wedding photographer or videographer.

    This couple never doubted that Italy would be the perfect place for them to marry. With the knowledge that this country was bursting with historic architecture such as churches, cathedrals, synagogues, and more, Anatolie and Dana were confident that they would have more than enough choices within the country for their wedding venue. They also valued the beautiful Italian outdoors; therefore Anatolie and Dana began considering the ways they could incorporate Italy’s outdoor beauty into their wedding. Perhaps most exciting, however, was the fact that having their wedding in Italy would give them the opportunity to explore the artistic and historic areas of the country that they had never seen. Dreaming now of places such as the Colosseum, Naples Coast, Venice, and more, their excitement for their wedding day and honeymoon continued to mount. However, knowing that their family and friends would soon be arriving for the festivities, they began to focus their efforts on the best way to document their wedding ceremony itself.

    The question of how they would document their special event was a serious question for this young couple. Like most happily engaged individuals, Anatolie and Dana wanted to capture the love, excitement, and joy they and those closest to them would feel on their wedding day. Furthermore, having some sort of wedding documentation would mean that they could pass on this memory to their children and future generations as well. As such, they began searching for the best wedding keepsakes they could find online, with little to no success. As they continued to discuss the options they had in regards to wedding day documentation, they finally came to the conclusion that they would have two realistic options. They could either hire a wedding photographer or wedding videographer to capture their big day on film.

    Unsure who to go about booking a professional wedding photographer in Italy, Anatolie and Dana began exploring their options. They realized that many wedding videographers specialized in video only, and could not also offer a photography package with their services. On the other hand, companies that did offer both wedding video and photography services were far over-priced, or unable to travel long distances to accommodate the shoot. Disheartened and frustrated, Anatolie and Dana continued their search. Finally, after consulting with Italian locals and checking online, they discovered the name Image Studio. Quickly, they learned a number of value added services offered by Image Studio that were unheard of at the places they had previously called. Anatolie and Dana were shocked to hear that not only did Image Studio offer wedding and videography services as a package, but they were also willing to travel anywhere throughout the country in order to accommodate the wishes of the engaged couples they work with. Amazed and extremely excited, these two love birds booked Image Studio for their big day.

    One of Anatolie and Dana’s main priorities was finding a wedding photographer that would be personable enough to get along with their entire guest list, but professional enough to allow their party to enjoy themselves as intended. After meeting the Image Studio team, any concerns they had about exciting demeanors and professionalism were unnecessary. The professional videographers and photographers that appeared on their wedding day were dressed professionally, and greeted them with excitement and joy. Now that their wedding photographers had arrived on-scene, Anatolia and Dana began expressing their top priorities and concerns for the photoshoot. They explained to the photographers that because the amount of fun and intimacy in their relationship was something they truly valued, they hoped that the professionals would be able to find ways throughout the ceremony to capture and showcase that aspect of their relationship. Furthermore, they explained that their family and friends were just as important to the success of their marriage as they were, and wanted to include them in a large portion of the wedding video and photos.

    Finally, the moments leading up to the wedding arrived. Image Studio’s team of professional wedding photographers and videographers had already arrived on time and prepared, allowing the ceremony to go on as though they weren’t there. As the guests arrived, Image Studio was able to capture the emotional welcome each individual gave the happy soon-to-be-married couple. Other engaging photos include solo shots of both the elegant bride and dashing groom, ready for the wedding with looks of excitement and wonderment on their faces. The portfolio goes on to capture the essence of this couple’s relationship; which is happy, playful, caring, and intimate.

    After their wedding photo book had been printed, Anatolie and Dana couldn’t wait to look over the pictures from their big event. The moment they opened the book and saw what lay inside, they knew there was no way to put into words how thankful and proud they were to have such a beautiful wedding keepsake.

    Cherishing the happy memory of your wedding day is an excellent way to honor the love between yourself and your significant other. If you are a soon-to-be husband or wife, it may be time to start considering how you want to make the memory of your wedding day last a lifetime. Hiring a professional wedding photographer for your Italian wedding is a traditional and gorgeous way to make your wedding day timeless. If you have any questions or concerns about a wedding photo shoot in Italy, contact our helpful team anytime.