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Ghenadie and Natalia’s Exciting Roman Wedding Video

Weddings are historically and traditionally a time that symbolize love, happiness, and the union of two lives into one. With these meaningful themes intricately sewn into the fabric of wedding tradition, it is no wonder couples across the world choose to begin their married life with a wedding ceremony in Italy. Thanks to Italy’s lusciously green countryside, historically awing cities, and all-around beauty, there are thousands of wedding venues to choose from throughout the country. After coming to the decision that Italy should be their place of union, many couples begin to juggle their options for documenting this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. The thousands of documentation options can be overwhelming, and may leave happily engaged couples confused and anxious. If you and your significant other are having a wedding ceremony in Italy, contracting a professional wedding videographer in Italy to capture each small but significant detail on your big day may be the perfect option.

Ghenadie and Natalia, a happily engaged bride and groom, understood that having their wedding ceremony in Italy would not only be immensely romantic, but also give them the opportunity to experience historic buildings and beautiful country sides they had only ever dreamed of. Some of the places they were dying to visit included the Roman Colosseum, the Amalfi Coast, Quirinale, the Palatino, and more. Knowing that their wedding would take place in the warm summer months of June, Ghenadie and Natalia knew they would need a lovely ceremony location that would allow them and their multitude of family and friends to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Their biggest concern, however, was finding a professional wedding documenter that would be able to accommodate whatever location they chose. Concerned that they should find a professional wedding videographer before selecting a wedding location, they began to do their research on professional wedding photographers and videographers throughout Italy.

Traditionally, most couples choose to document their wedding only with film or digital photos. However, after having the opportunity to view a friend’s wedding video, Ghenadie and Natalia knew there would be no better way to document their wedding ceremony and wedding reception than with the help of an Italian wedding videographer. After only a few days of internet searching and help from local references, this soon-to-be-engaged couple came across the name and previous work of Image Studio. A professional wedding videographer and photographer in Italy, Image Studio could promise Ghenadie and Natalia an incredibly high quality wedding video that could capture the love, excitement, and joy present at their ceremony. After expressing concerns regarding their ability to choose whatever wedding location would suit them best, the helpful staff at Image Studio assured them that they would have full freedom to choose any wedding venue and reception location that made them happiest. Surprised, Ghenadie and Natalia asked how they could possibly have so much freedom, and were surprised to hear that Image Studio would travel throughout the country, where ever they needed.

Deciding to work with photography of videography company in Italy is a big decision. If a couple does decide to work with a professional wedding videographer, it has the potential to keep the memory of their wedding day sacred in their hearts forever. When speaking with the Image Studio staff, Ghenadie and Natalia knew that they wanted to work with a videography company that would capture the aspects of their event that they valued, not only the traditional wedding shots. With this in mind, they were sure to ask the Image Studio staff how to videographers decided what to capture on film, and what moments to emphasize more than others. The couple was surprised but pleased to hear that the professional wedding videographers they worked with would listen to their personal prioritize, only capturing the moments before, during, and after the ceremony that the bride and groom valued. Although Ghenadie and Natalia wanted to work with a wedding videographer that would capture the moments directly leading up to the ceremony, they also knew a main priority was working with a professional individual that would make the friends and family attending the ceremony feel right at home. Thankfully, it was obvious that the Image Studio staff and videographers were (although strictly professional) extremely personable and friendly. After speaking with the team there, Ghenadie and Natalia were entirely confident that the videographers from their crew would work well with their guests.

Now that this happy couple was confident their wedding videographer would mesh well with their guests and could accommodate any wedding venue in the country, it came time for Ghenadie and Natalia to select a wedding location. After careful consideration, the pair decided to have their wedding ceremony at Residenza Castelverde in Rome. An absolutely gorgeous location for a wedding, Image Studio knew the wedding video should capture the beauty of the wedding venue in addition to the high emotions during the event.

Ghenadie and Natalia’s high quality Italian wedding video begins with insights during the preparation for the event. As Ghenadie begins to slide into his wedding tuxedo, it is obvious to see all the thought and excited anxiety he feels as he stands before the mirror. Next, viewers are able to see glimpses of Natalia’s beautiful brown hair being styled to perfection as she sits before her mirror in another room. As her hair, make-up, and veil are all expertly done, she transforms from the beautiful woman she is into the gorgeously refined bride she was born to be. Ghenadie and Natalia chose for their wedding video to act as a narrative, the camera follows them in their white wedding vehicle as they make their way to Residenza Castelverde. As the bride and groom pile out of the white wedding sedan, their friends and family members excitedly greet them at the entrance to the venue. Full of emotional smiles and tears, the bridge and groom welcome their guests before the camera flashes to the reception. The video goes on to show the bride and groom sharing their first dance together as a married couple as fog and sparklers add to the atmosphere around them. Overall, the love, joy, and excitement these two individuals shared on June 6th, 2015 was phenomenal; after viewing their wedding video, Ghenadie and Natalia were brought to happy tears once again.

Having you wedding video professionally filmed is a great way to document your destination wedding, however having a book of traditional wedding photos is always an incredible way to remember the love and joy felt on your big day. If you need professional wedding photos to look at before making the decision to hire a professional wedding photographer in Italy, feel free to look over the wedding photos this happy couple took to complement their professional wedding video! Keep the memory of your wedding day alive in your memories forever; contact our team to for more information about wedding videos and photos for your big day.