Gimmi+Olga | Wedding Photography Rome

The bride's dress

Final details of the groom

Finishing touches bride

Preparation of the Bride

Groom elegant

The bride flawless

The bride and groom in their wedding day

The bride at home

The end of preparation

The bride prepares

The groom and Champagne

The bride excited

The bride before the big event

The bouquet in hands of the bride

Rings of the couple

The Red Room of the Municipality at the Campidoglio

Marriage in the Municipality of Rome


Red Room at the Campidoglio

Groom signing

The bride signing

Husband and wife

Admiring the bride

The spouses together in love

The bride's bouquet

Villa for receptions

Residence Castelverde

The groom and the bouquet

The bride smiles for the bouquet

Romantic kiss between the bride and groom

Piazza Venezia

Moments of happiness for the newlyweds

The couple through the streets of Rome

Curious eyes for Newlyweds

The bride excited

Just Married

Outside the municipality in the Campidoglio

The groom holding hands

Walking through Rome

The carriage of the newlyweds

The bride and groom together on the carriage

The bride and the bouquet

The rings on their finger

The bride and her mother

The bride waiting for her husband

Wedding cake