Igor+Snejana | Romantic Wedding

As all couples know, their wedding day is only a fleeting moment in a lifetime of ups and downs. Weddings are unique in the sense that they are a day for couples to solidify their relationship before the friends and family members that mean the most to them. Naturally, many couples choose to hold this romantic event only in the most romantic of locations; Italy.

As we mentioned above, couples from around the world choose to have their destination wedding ceremony in the beautiful country and historic cities of Italy for a number of reasons. The inherent beauty, mild climate, and thousands of unique locations found within the country’s borders continue to entice loving couples to its cathedrals and synagogues. Like many engaged couples, Igor and Snejana understood the value of having a destination wedding photographer at their wedding; regardless, this happy couple couldn’t help but feel as though they needed another timeless keepsake to help them cherish the memory of their wedding day. As they began searching for a reputable business to document their wedding, they brainstormed a list of prerequisites for finding their dream wedding photographer. They knew the business they would work with must provide high quality images while still being fun and personable to talk to. Finally, they would need to work with a business that was competitively priced, but still able to offer more than just a wedding photo book. During their search for an Italian wedding photographer, the pair was lucky enough to come across Image Studio’s hard-earned reputation. After contacting our friendly staff and expressing their concerns, the couple learned that wedding photography isn’t the only way to document a wedding ceremony! Igor and Snejana were relieved and excited to hear that Image Studio offers timeless wedding videos that can be taken both at the wedding ceremony, or at a customized shoot location anywhere in Italy. Knowing that they would be supported by a professional wedding videographer, the possibilities for their wedding video swam in their head. Should they choose a shoot location in Venice? Or perhaps a lovely wedding video taken at the impressive Amalfi Coast? After careful consideration, this happy pair decided to choose a beautiful lake park in Rome, Italy as their wedding video destination. Surrounded by leafy green trees, short fragrant grass, and a lovely lake, this Italian wedding video truly captures the love and romantic excitement shared between these two individuals.

After viewing the video for the first time, Igor and Snejana were pleased and amazed at the video’s quality, accuracy, and ability to capture the actual amount of love they had for one another. Not only did this video serve as an excellent addition to their Italian wedding photo book, it also helped them to “break the ice” as they geared up for their wedding day. Although Igor and Snejana choose to have their wedding video document the moments leading up to their wedding, some couples may choose to have their actual wedding ceremony documented to avoid missing any of the loving details. But Igor and his lovely bride aren’t the only pair now enjoying the wedding video; their parents and families are all just as stunned at the beauty and love captured in the video.

As the video starts, the lovely green clearing surrounded by trees captured to introduce the video’s location, and quickly the bride and groom appear into the frame, happily clasping hands and hugging each other closely. The comfort and trust in their relationship becomes more and more obvious as the video progresses. Snejana’s playfulness shows itself to the camera as Igor chases behind her while she blows him kisses, and later, Igor’s tenderness for his new bride is captured as he lovingly kisses her on the cheek. As they become more comfortable before the camera, Igor and Snejana begin to have some fun with their wedding video; we can see the groom playfully lift his new bride into the air. Pleased and excited, Snejana freely lifts her hands and plays with the air as her handsome groom spins her like a princess. After she is back on solid ground, the two lean in for a kiss full of love and laughter.

After watching this video, it is obvious to any viewer that the relationship shared between this couple is lasting and unique. Igor & Snejana went on to have their wedding ceremony in Rome on October 31st, 2013. The weather on their happy day cooperated perfectly. As the lovely bride waltzed down the aisle in her flowing white gown, the silent Image Studio photographers caught the light in her eyes before shooting the groom as he followed his new wife down the aisle. Now, Igor and Snejana are able to remind themselves of the love, peace, and contentment they felt on that fateful day when the said their vows and joined their lives together. Both they and their families return to their Italian wedding video often, and know that when the time comes to have children, they will be able to share their special day with them using the Image Studio wedding video.

As we now know, wedding videos are powerful tools for documenting the passion felt in the days leading up to a wedding, as well as the precious moments during the ceremony itself. We understand that a wedding video in Rome may not be the right fit for you and your significant other, which is why we offer wedding videos in Venice, Naples, Verona, Florence, and more. If you and your finance are considering an Italian wedding, and want more to remember your big day than a traditional wedding photo book, contact our staff to discuss your options for making a timeless wedding video in Italy.