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Weddings are unbelievably exciting events to attend as a guest or as part of the ceremony itself

They commemorate the love and respect within a relationship by honoring the union of two people before those they have grown with their entire lives. This joining of individuals is also an occasion for the families and friends of the bridge and groom to spend quality time enjoying the happiness with one another as well. As with any wedding ceremony, however, the stress of finding the right individuals and businesses to bring the occasion into full effect can be difficult, not to mention somewhat stressful.

Adriana and Mircea understood when they decided to be married that a wedding is more than a one-day party, it’s the symbol of a lifetime of commitment to one another. That said, they knew that their wedding ceremony should honor their union in every way possible. As they began to coordinate things like seating arrangements, dinner menus, and the wedding venue itself, it dawned on them that the one thing they wanted most from their wedding was simply something to remember it by.

Documenting a wedding is an exceptionally challenging task. The range of emotions, vast number of guests, and intricate detail unique to wedding ceremonies can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to capture by anyone other than a professional wedding photographer or videographer. Adriana and Mircea wanted a unique way to remember the biggest day of their lives, and immediately began searching for the best way to capture the love and excitement their wedding day would hold.

As they began exploring their options for documenting the wedding ceremony, Adriana and Mircea began to realize that there were two primary options; traditional wedding photography, or the more modern approach of professional wedding videography. Unsure of which route to take, our happy couple began researching the differences and benefits of each option. After a little digging, these engaged love-birds learned that wedding videography was a popular option among couples who wished to capture movement, laughter, and other action shots that couldn’t be replicated on film. After speaking with friends who had professional wedding videography services for their own wedding, they decided that it was the best way to capture each tiny detail of the event, from Adriana’s beautiful waving veil to the after-ceremony wedding dance. Intrigued by this option, Adriana and Mircea began to search for professional wedding videographers in Italy. But this couple knew that they wanted a professional wedding videographer that would not only treasure their wedding in the same way that they would, but also have the flexibility and creative attitude to allow them to shoot in multiple locations, regardless of the distance between one venue and another.

During their search for wedding videography services in Rome, Italy, they found that many contractors charged additional fees for multiple shoot locations, while others were entirely unwilling to shoot at more than one venue. After checking business reviews online, this soon-to-be-married couple found the name Image Studio. They conducted more research about our company online and with Italian locals who had used our services. The reviews and videos they found were exactly what they had been hoping for in a wedding videography company. They learned that Image Studio would happily accommodate couples who wanted to shoot in more than one location, as long as they remained within the country. Furthermore, Image Studio provided exceptionally high quality wedding videos at an affordable price, and were able to custom tailor their wedding video package to accommodate their specific budget. Thrilled and excited, Adriana and Mirchea booked Image Studio’s team of expert videographers on June 8th, 2013 for their wedding in Italy.

As the date of their wedding rapidly approached, Adriana and Mircea began to grow anxious about how smoothly the event would go. To their pleasant surprise, however, the Image Studio team arrived early on the wedding day to set up their equipment and gain an understanding of the family and friend dynamics. In doing so, the videographers were able to prioritize the aspects of the wedding that would stand out and mean the most to our loving couple when they looked back on their ceremony in the future.

The Image Studio videographers stayed by the bridge and groom as they began their transformation from normal individuals into a gorgeously dressed married couple, and it is here that Adriana and Micrea’s wedding video begins. Adriana and Mircea’s wedding video begins as the couple meets in an arched doorway, where they share a brief kiss. The video then changes to a scene of the bride approaching her groom with bouquet in hand; immediately, the feeling of mounting excitement is obvious. Our videographers flash back to the dressing process, capturing the groom fitting into his stunning black-and-white tuxedo while his bride allows her make-up artist to add the finishing touches to her already-beautiful face. Moving forward, the focus of the video is dedicated to capturing the close, fun-loving relationship shared between Adriana and Mircea. Their faces filled with laughter as they gaze knowingly into each other’s eyes.

As the wedding day came to a close, our professional videographers made a point to capture the fun each guest (and the newly married couple) had at the reception. Shortly after the wedding, the Image Studio team sent newlyweds Adriana and Mircea their completed wedding video. Just short of tears, our happy couple watched and reminisced about one of the happiest days of their lives. They were ecstatic that the Image Studio team had been able to capture so many little details in their emotions, wedding garb, and guests. What made them even happier, however, was the fact that they would be able to share this lovely wedding video with their children and grandchildren in the near future.

If you are inspired by Adriana and Mircea’s story, contact the Image Studio team to discuss the best Italian wedding video options for your relationship and wedding day. We look forward to hearing from you!