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Wedding in Rome: Loana+Wesley

Palatino in Rome

Weddings are a time of joy, excitement, love, and passion. Having a destination wedding in Rome is a great way to add an exciting flair to your ceremony while visiting the city you’ve always been dying to see. Our bride and groom of this wedding story, Loana and Wesley, decided hold their ceremony in the famously historic city of Rome, Italy. Scheduled during the pleasantly warm summer days of early May, our passionate duo knew that they would have to capture the summer beauty of their ceremony by working with a professional destination wedding photographer in Rome. Because our pair of lovebirds hail from the United States (Tamarac, Florida, to be exact) they knew they would be doing most of the wedding planning online or over the phone. This meant they would have to find reputable contacts in Italy to help them plan the perfect wedding. Keep reading to learn about how their phone call to Image Studio made their destination wedding a beautiful reality.

Finding a trustworthy photographer that is reliable and knowledgeable in the art of wedding photography can be tricky, especially when your wedding is being held in a different country than you currently live in. Loana and Wesley knew they wanted a versatile book of wedding photos, and needed a qualified photography service that could offer the flexibility of both traditional and contemporary photos. Because they knew nothing about wedding photography, they also needed a professional that would give them ideas on how to handle the photography aspect of the event. Most importantly, however, they wanted to find a business they could comfortably interact and laugh with to make their taking photos a fun experience. Shortly after deciding to marry in the world’s most romantic country, Loana and Wesley caught wind of Image Studio’s trustworthy reputation within Italy’s destination wedding industry, and contacted us right away. After easily asking their questions via e-mail, cell phone, and even Skype, Loana and Wesley knew that they had found a trustworthy photography company to work with while they were still overseas.

During the planning phases of the wedding, we listened patiently as they expressed their need to discuss a few different wedding venues throughout the country, as they were still unsure what region of Italy would be best for their event. Because Image Studio provides wedding photography in Tuscany, as well as wedding photography in the Amalfi Coast, Loana and Wesley quickly realized that they had all the freedom they needed to pick the perfect wedding venue for them. It wasn’t until after discussing their options with our helpful staff, this excited couple was thrilled to realize they’d be able to take memorable photographs in Rome, Italian Riviera and Venice, unique, location-specific places such as the Roman Colosseum and the Palatino to add to their wedding book.

After all the planning and scheduling was taken care of by our helpful staff, the wedding day rapidly approached. Despite the expected hectic excitement in the wedding church that day, Loana and Wesley’s nerves were soothed by our photographer’s on-time appearance and attentive knowledge. As they emerged from their respective rooms dressed in their wedding garb, the soft “click” of the Image Studio cameras followed their smiles, tears, and laughter as both walked down the aisle to their new life with each other. The guests and beauty of: San Silvestro church in Capite were captured in detail as the Image Studio photographer quietly recorded the light streaming into the building and the elegance of the church’s interior. In the Image Studio photos, Loana’s happiness is obvious as her glowing smile pierces through each photo while Wesley’s hand reaches out and places the wedding ring on her finger. After the wedding, the fun-filled reception was held at Quirinale restaurant, where Loana and Wesely danced to upbeat music and celebrated their eternal union. The best part about the experience, the couple said, was arguably the ability to simply breathe and get married, without worrying about posing for pictures or the way a photo would turn out. The trust they had in Image Studio’s abilities combined with the comfortable and friendly manner we do business made their wedding day exactly what it should be; stress free and full of love.

Today, Loana and Wesley are thrilled at their ability to look back at their wedding day and remember all the happy times they had during their ceremony. Because Image Studio was able to capture multiple aspects of the wedding reception, including the bride and groom dance, father daughter dance, and after party, not a single detail of their special event was lost in history. Both sides of the couple’s family are thrilled at the number of family photos they’re able to look back on from that day, and are thankful that Image Studio was able to understand the importance of taking family photos on that special day. The bridal album available to brides like Loana allow them to keep the priceless printed copies of their wedding photos in a luxurious, high quality book that showcases the emotion, excitement, passion, and uniqueness of their wedding day. Perfect for couples planning to show their children memories of their wedding day, or to simply keep a physical record of their once-in-a-lifetime event, the bridal album adds the perfect finishing touch to a gorgeous destination wedding in Italy.

If you’re a bride or groom inspired by Loana and Wesley’s story, don’t hesitate to contact our Image Studio team for information about how you can capture the beauty of your Italy wedding.