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Wedding Videographer | Anatolie+Dana

The wedding day

As summer moved in on the cities and countryside of Italy, two gorgeous individuals found themselves anxiously awaiting a special day. Anatolie and Dana, an incredibly handsome couple from Italy, found themselves not only welcoming the warm Italian summer, but also the date of their once-in-a-lifetime wedding ceremony. This fun-loving couple knew they wanted their wedding ceremony to capture the fun and trust they valued in their relationship, and began planning accordingly.

Knowing that Italy was full of beautiful historic churches and boasted an excess of outdoor wedding venues, there was no doubt in the mind of either bride or groom to marry in their home country. Because the weather in Italy is usually sunny and warm, they also knew it would give them plenty of opportunity to hold part of their ceremony in the warm Italian sun. Having their wedding in Italy meant they could visit historic venues such as the Roman Colosseum for their honeymoon. Finally, because the majority of their friends and family lived in Italy, it would only make sense to hold this special event in a place that was accessible to all they loved.

While planning their big ceremony, however, Anatolie and Dana realized they had quite a few questions that remained unanswered. Where would they hold their wedding ceremony? How would they document the special event? As with most couples, Anatolie and Dana realized that they needed a wedding keepsake that would help remind them and future generations of the heavy emotions on their wedding day. As they discussed their options for wedding day documentation, they realized they could choose between two options; a professional wedding video, or a wedding photo book.

Weighing their options, they came to understand that wedding videos were slightly less traditional than wedding photo albums, but still captured all of the fun-filled moments during the wedding ceremony. As Anatolie and Dana had warmed up to the idea of working with a professional wedding videographer, they started searching for professional wedding videographers in Italy. While searching for wedding videographers, however, our happy couple began to find that they valued certain professional characteristics more than others.

Because they valued the fun and intimacy in their relationship, they knew they would need a company that was capable of capturing that on video. Because they also wanted their family and friends to enjoy the time at their wedding, they would also need a videographer that could get along with their guests and encourage everyone to have a good time rather than feeling awkward in front of the camera. Finally, they needed a professional videographer that had plenty of experience producing high quality videos. With this long checklist in mind, they began reaching out to videographers throughout Italy.

After some diligent searching, our happy couple came across the name Image Studio. Both online and throughout the community, this company was known to have specialized experience producing wedding videos not only in major cities such as Rome, Venice, and Naples, but everywhere else in the country as well. Intrigued and excited, they contacted the team at Image Studio. Immediately, Anatolie and Dana could tell the professionals on the Image Studio team knew wedding photographer exceptionally well, and had a fun attitude that they were confident their guests would enjoy.

Finally, the day of the wedding arrived. Image Studio’s team of videographers arrived promptly and prepared, which allowed them to capture the behind-the-scenes moments leading up to the actual wedding ceremony. As professionals, Image Studio knows some of the most precious moments of a wedding are those that are missed by the camera men and guests. As such, the team strove to capture the pre-wedding preparation, including the bride’s make-up being perfected and her hair being done. In order to balance the video, the groom is shot as he prepares for his wedding and the rest of his life. He cuffs the sleeves of his undershirt and dashingly throws on his tuxedo overcoat, emanating a persona of strength and confidence.

The video then darts to include the details of the reception, including a vibrantly decorated table featuring the word “love” nestled among wedding presents and delicious food. Finally, moments of the happy bride and groom together are captured. The comfort and trust between Anatolie and Dana is obvious as they caress and kiss one another confidently. In one memorable scene, the groom approaches his bride with a bouquet of flowers, which she accepts with an abashed smile.

However, the thing Anatolie and Dana seemed to value most was the fact that their friends and family would be close to them on this happy occasion. As such, our videographers made a special point to capture the fun at their wedding reception. Each guest is seen boldly dancing the night away, not fazed by the professional wedding videographers making their way silently around the room.

After the ceremony, Anatolie and Dana were ecstatic to see what Image Studio had documented. When the time came to present them with their professional wedding video, they were near tears. The fact that the video included all of their friends and family, but was still able to capture the bond between bride and groom on their wedding day was more than they had ever expected. Now, they are proud to have their Italian wedding video as a keepsake for the rest of their marriage.

If you and your fiancé have been considering using a professional wedding photographer or videographer for your wedding in Italy, Image Studio is happy to help. Contact our helpful team anytime to discuss your wedding video options; we hope to hear from you soon!