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The best wedding photographer and award winner Destination Videographers in Italy – available for your Local wedding in Amalfi coast, Tuscany, Florence, Rome, Venice, Milan, Naples, Italian Riviera Rome, Lakes, Lake Como, Veneto, Apulia, Umbria, Italian Alps, Sardinia, Sicily, all Europe and WorldWide. We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.

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About Image Studio
  Welcome to Image Studio! We are a professional wedding photography and videography team located in Italy. Our team is widely recognized for its excellence in photography and videography. Over the years, we have rendered our services to various clients and have gathered a vast knowledge with the provision of amazing photos. We have a perfect understanding of all religious and legal aspects of the wedding celebration. We have developed solid relationships with our highly experienced photographers and videographers. We ensure that we create a first class service and have ardent knowledge of important restaurants, villas, and hotels to have your perfect wedding celebration. We are dedicated to providing the needed support couples need in planning the wedding they have always dreamed of. We are highly honored to anchor your important moment. On top of all these, we live for joy, emotions, and best light, which captures the innovative stories behind every celebration. Beside other wedding planning decisions to make, wedding photography is among the best. This is important because you will be creating memories that will last for years. We understand as professionals at Image Studio, we understand the importance of capturing extraordinary images. Do you want to know more about our various services, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to reply you.
  • Photography
Photography is much more than taking photos, it is time-traveling to us at Image Studio. It is the physical proof of history, which we capture to never forget in history. At Image Studio, we believe that photography is an art of showing people your own point of you, what you are and what you think. It is eternalizing emotions and moments that can be remembered and shared in time to come. Because of the importance of preserving past memory, we understand that your wedding is the most important day of your life and a good photographer is required to document it all in details.
Getting Married in Italy
Getting married in Italy comprises of many things, which many couples aren’t aware of. For instance, if you are a foreigner, there are important documents required from your home country, which must specify and certify your identity as a citizen of such country. Besides this, you will need other documents showing that there are no legal barriers to your marriage.
  • Wedding Photographer Rome
Perhaps you are looking for the best wedding photographer in Italy or to be precise, the best wedding photographer in Rome, you have come to the right place. This particular section is created for couples. We have destination wedding photographer in Italy that shoot photos locally, throughout Europe, and worldwide. We can travel and capture your intimate moments while creating memories for centuries. Rome is a place filled with lots of fun and if you want to get the best wedding photos taken at its famous monuments, you will need an expert in wedding photography to actualize this. The Spanish steps, Pantheon, Colosseum, and Trevi Fountain are just a few places to mention if you want a magnificent wedding shoot. For instance, the Trevi Fountain is always visited by many tourists and you will always find vendors, street hawkers, and even beggars. Getting the perfect shot requires skill at its top-notch. Our experienced photographers can get through the crowds to get stunning photos on your wedding day if you decide to use such venue. Rome is a beautiful city and your wedding is something unique, let us make your event “beautifully unique” Perhaps you are planning a destination wedding in Italy, please feel free to contact us by informing us a little about yourself, your wedding, and the idea of a perfect wedding image you want.
  • Wedding Photographer Lake Como
If you are conversant with Italy, you do know that couples don’t joke with Lake Como because of its ideal location and the beauty it adds to their wedding pictures. We recommend this venue for your group picture or you can take advantage of the hillside villas to add to the elegant atmosphere of a wonderful wedding picture location. Besides this, the weather is favorable and will make your photos beautifully bathed in sunlight. You won’t resist doing your wedding at the Santi Apostoli Pietro e Paolo, which is the famous church of the Apostle Peter and Paul. Many people use this location because of its photogenic nature and the beauty of the church. Won’t it be beautiful to have your picture taken on the brilliant arches, stones, and spires of the church? Who will resist such offer provided by this beautiful church? For your reception, you can hold it at the La Rizulin, a restaurant widely known as “the little Curl.” This name was given to it because of its groundbreaking architectural design, which forms a rippling wave. At the center is a beautifully well-kept park, which is perfect for the continuation of your celebration. If the La Rizulin isn’t what you want, you can use the Le 5 Case, which offers banquet rooms. Most couples tend to love the Le 5 Case reception because of its unique design and the beauty of the environment.
  • Wedding Photographer Turin
Holding your church wedding at the famous Eben Ezer is one of the blessings you will ever wish to have. Imagine taking your conjugal vow at the Pentecostal church Eben Ezer filled with serenaded songs from talented musicians. The feeling is one that even the cameras cannot unfold. Church weddings are important in Italy and they are brought to climax by the skillful cameraman. The Albergo dei Cacciatori is a unique place for your reception. It is an established mostly used for parties, receptions, and other important functions. The service offered here is simply impeccable. In the area of dishes, you can count on their excellent chefs to work magic on every meal. You can enjoy the lavish sample of candies and cookies offered to guests, which is just the tip of the iceberg of what they can offer. The Albergo dei Cacciatori is the boost of stunning background for your lovely wedding photos. It is the perfect place to capture every moment in pictures.
  • Wedding Photographer Venice
For planning a romantic, and unforgettable wedding weekend with friends and family, the best place is Venice. Only in Venice you can experience the bride arrivals by gondola for the civil ceremony along the authentic Venetian callas. Famous all over the world for its unique beauty, urban design, its canals, and artistic heritage, unique city, perfect for a dream wedding. You cannot talk about weddings in Venice and forget the elegant Natività di Santissima Vergine Maria, in Via santi Fabiano e Sebastiano, were you can exchange the vows and rings. If you are planning a religious wedding ceremony, there is no city in the world romantic as Venice, where else can you get married near Rialto’s bridge, or to take a memorable gondola ride fading into the Venetian lagoon. Venice is home of the most elegant and charming palazzos, hotels, restaurants where to celebrate your wedding. The beautiful Ristorante Alla Veneziana has remained timeless and unique. Why not enjoying the best kept culinary secrets from some of the magnificent hotel terraces while watching the magnificent silhouette of Venice.
  • Wedding Photographer Treviso
Treviso is just a stone’s throw away from the center of Venice. It is home to various fashion companies, including Diesel and Stefanel. The city combines its fashion taste with that of a deep history. Treviso offers the best intimate, romantic, and friendly atmosphere for your elopements in Italy. It is the perfect place to celebrate your union in a unique way. You cannot talk about weddings and forget the famous Maslinul Oderzo, which is the Pentecostal Church in Via Padova. It is the place cherished by many couples expecting to exchange their marital vows. Interestingly, the Pastor always adds glamour to wedding occasions with lots of songs of love and worship. The church is always attractive from the lenses of the camera. Our professional and Award winning photographers can bring the uniqueness of the church into your wedding. Treviso is home to the beautiful Villa dei Contorni and many couples hold their receptions in this villa. According to history, the villa is known to be one of Treviso’s best kept culinary secrets with lots of seafood and scrumptious meat for your guest to enjoy. We will be glad to be part of your wedding, so when you look back to those gorgeous photos, every memory will come alive.
How much does a wedding Photographer cost in Italy?
Today, because of the widespread growth of the internet, hiring an Italy wedding photograher is much easier than you can ever imagine. Just Google “best wedding photographer in Italy”, and you will be amazed by the thousands of professionals available to deliver quality pictures to their clients. From here, you can compare the portfolios while getting in contact with the ones that meet your set requirements.
  • What is the average price for a wedding photographer in Italy?
Usually, the beginning rate for most Italian photographers begins at €1500. However, this is dependent on various factors such as coverage length, the skill and expertise, technology used (digital or film), and popularity of the photographer. Instead of asking what the average price will be for Italy wedding photographers, your question should be what do I expect from a photographer? The wedding photographer is responsible for preserving or building memories. You should be ready to spend money lavishly if you want to invest in memories.
  • What makes a photographer expensive?
There are a lot of factors involved and these include:
  • The popularity and experience of the photographer: The rates of experienced photographers are higher than the ones with lesser experience.
  • Number of assistants: Some photographers work alone while others work with assistants.
  • Office
  • Working hours
  • The albums
What if my budget doesn’t fit an expensive photographer? Perhaps you are doing your wedding overseas and considering if hiring a cheap photographer will be a mistake? No, it won’t be if you consider the arrangement of traveling overseas to get your wedding done but coming back home with a low-quality wedding photo will be a disaster. The truth is a cheap photographer does a mediocre job. It doesn’t mean that cheap photographer means poor photo quality; however, it is important to pay for quality no matter the cost.
  • How to know a good photographer?
Foremost, a good photographer will ask you to sign a contract because he wants to protect both parties. This is important since he wants to relax and focus on the task ahead. Additionally, you may want to get a photographer that is conversant with the terrain, venues, and location more than other photographers. Having photos from your elopements in Italy isn’t an option to consider as you may want to relieve the emotion of your wedding day in the future. You’d want your children and grandchildren to see the beauty of your wedding day.
Wedding Videographers in Italy
There is no country more traveled to for weddings than Italy. When you think of Italy, the first thought that comes to mind is cities such as Lake Como, Rome, and Venice. Italy is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful places for a wedding occasion in the world. It has something unique for everyone irrespective of your taste, class or religion. If your dream is getting married on the beach, you can visit some of the lovely picturesque beaches the world can offer in Italy. Perhaps, a beach wedding isn’t for you, take advantage of the breathtaking mountains. It doesn’t matter where you want your wedding; there are a thousand locations just for you to have that perfect wedding. With the right videographers, you can capture every moment. Don’t look far because there are hundreds of videographers in Italy waiting for your call. With the right storyteller, your wedding video might be on the screen board. Image Studio has well-trained professionals who know all the amazing places to not just shoot and document your video but to add a magical touch to it.  
  • Wedding Videographer in Rome
Have you made the decision of going to Rome for your wedding? Who will say no to such offer considering the importance of family? Rome is one of the beautiful cities in the world and top as the most wedding destination for future couples. You can get married anywhere you like. This could be in the church, castles, and rooftop or even on white sand beaches. Nevertheless, if a church wedding is what you want, the perfect church is the Chiesa di Santa Caterina Martire. The church is among the newest churches in Rome. This doesn’t make the church less important than other churches. The top of the church stands almost a hundred feet into the air and just some distance away from the Basilica. Getting married is interesting but at times finding that perfect place for your reception can be a headache. This is why most couples involve a wedding planner to take care of such things. At Image Studio, we understand what you may be going through. An excellent place to hold your wedding reception is Borgo di Tragliata, which is just 18 miles away from the city. It is the perfect place to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Borgo di Tragliata offers a classical but rustic wedding that will suit either an elaborate or simple reception. Interestingly, the rolling hills bring peace and charm to the environment. All you need is to sit back and enjoy your spouse while their guest relinquishes their time. If you think the Borgo di Tragliata isn’t interesting, then you can try the Residenza Castelverde. The Castelverde has one of the serene environment you could hold a reception. Their mouth-watering desserts and rich foods can be customized to meet your desire and taste. The beauty of the Residenza Castelverde is that it comes with an open bar for your guest to knock some bottle. Your wedding planner will not have to organize different events at the reception since the Residenza Castelverde takes responsibility for the bouquet tossing and cake cutting.
  • Wedding Videographer in Lake Como
Getting that special elopement in Italy cannot be compared to anything. More interestingly if such wedding holds on a lake, it is much more than a magical experience. As interesting that may sound, getting your nuptial reception held on a pristine lake in Italy is something beyond this world. Holding your wedding at the Lake Como might be the perfect location for your picture and video shoot. Perhaps you are thinking, why is Lake Como very important? Well, the picturesque lakeside and stunning villas views makes the Lake Como irresistible. Nevertheless, if these two reasons aren’t sufficient, then the delectable local dishes served with the finest of wines can persuade you to change your mind. If getting married on the lake isn’t your thing, don’t worry because Lake Como has orthodox churches for your wedding. One of such is the Chiesa Ortodossa Santi Apostoli Pietro e Paolo. The church is of the Apostles Peter and Paul. Interestingly, the community that surrounds this church is in close proximity with friendly and warm demeanor between visitors and tourists. The architecture of the church is stunning with magnificent painted murals of the Apostles. The brilliant stone, arches, and spires make it the perfect attractive environment in Italy. Take a step backward and imagine you getting married here with portraits or video of the church taken. This would be a wonderful experience that history will never forget in years to come. A wedding without a reception is like a fish grilled without spices. While there are many beautiful places in Italy to conduct your reception, we will highly recommend two of these places. Firstly, if you want a modern reception with a touch of an elegant feeling, you might want to consider the La Rizulin. It is situated at the center of Brianza, Como and not a stranger to weddings or receptions. The ground of the environment is beautifully maintained with brightly colored gardens overflowing with blossoms. The grounds that La Rizulin rests on are perfect for those summer weddings. They are also known for their brilliant cuisine. The reception setting can comfortably accommodate most sizes of weddings, from as small as ten up to well over three hundred people. Just check this beautiful marriage, to have the explanation and feels to be married at Lake Como. If you are shy and wants something more intimate and smaller for your reception, the Le 5 Case may suit that. The scenery is stunning and the banquet rooms great for more of an intimate feel. It doesn’t matter where you choose because one thing is certain; you cannot go wrong when it comes to Lake Como.
  • Wedding Videographer in Turin
There is hardly any charming city than the beautiful city of Turin. With breathtaking scenery and something for everyone, you won’t go wrong holding your wedding here. Peradventure, you have decided that your wedding will take place in a stylish church; there are lots of them to choose from. Interestingly, you can choose a historical period of the church from the Renaissance or the Baroque period to take your wedding photo. There are also modern churches with smaller venues to choose from if you just want family members to attend only. Most of the bride dream of having their wedding at the Eben Ezer with amazing pictures and videos to climax the event of the day. The church is a quaint Pentecostal church, which boasts of an intimate wedding, especially with the family and friends of the couple. The music in the church is simply magical and soul soothing. After the church wedding, the next decision to make is a spot for your reception. The perfect one we recommend to suit your intimate elopement is the Albergo dei Cacciatori. The luxurious banquet halls have the capacity of holding over 250 guests with the hotel operated for more than 50 years. This reception is the perfect spot for a romantic stroll with the lush grounds. You cannot compare the food menu at Albergo dei Cacciatori to any other place. With top chefs and excellent dishes served at this place, you are in for a wonderful treat. Furthermore, the reception venue is perfect for your guest to stay if they come from far. After the rumble and bubble, you can all retire in the hotel of the Albergo dei Cacciatori.
  • Wedding Videographer in Treviso
Everyone wants a unique place to hold their wedding. One that is so unique that many haven’t discovered. Treviso is a unique and secret hide-a-way to have your wedding. It is close to Venice and has held numerous small intimate weddings with photos left to tell the stories. You don’t have to worry about the busyness of the streets in Treviso because it is the best option for your romantic elopement. An elopement that is unforgettable with videos and photos to speak for it. Many couples have made their vows in the Maslinul Oderzo, which is the most sought-after church for their wedding. The Church is a Pentecostal church located in Via Padova. For couples with a small list of guests, it is the perfect place. Though it is a modern-church, it hosts the reminiscence of the old Italy. The architecture of the church makes it wonderful for your video and pictures. While not catch the streaming sunlight through the attractive arched windows. For your reception, we will recommend the Villa de Contorni, which is situated on a lake. It is the dream reception for any couple when you consider the exquisite cuisines and the beautiful grounds. The bride and groom can take a twirl or a spectacular romantic gondola ride specifically designed for the couple. Irrespective of your location or where you choose to have your wedding done, our wedding videographers can provide an irresistible service. Let us help you actualize your dreams. We focus on turning your dream into reality.
  • Wedding Videographer in Vicenza
Not many are opportune to have their wedding at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli. The church is just some miles to the Altare della Patria and cherished by inhabitants of the city. If you are looking for that wonderful location for the best videographer for your wedding, Santa Maria is well suited for that. The church is home to a wooden figure of the Child Jesus and regarded as miraculous. Looking for a miraculous wedding, we recommend this church for your romantic and miraculous marriage. The perfect place for your video is nowhere else than Venice. You can take unique video and romantic photo session. The location is perfect because it is just some distance away from the church and reception venue. Let our experienced and Award winning videographer bring every memory alive through their cameras. Since the Hotel Villa Michelangelo is one of the best, we recommend it for your reception. The venue can house numerous guests. They have a lot of delicious meals with a poolside cocktail for guest. The Hotel Villa Michelangelo has the best serene environment for your reception. Do you have a wedding and expect big things; we can help you preserve your wedding in the best possible way you want. Let our videographers work magic on your day and let the clips do the talking.
How much does a wedding videographer cost in Italy?
Unlike photography and videography are being more expensive day by day. Today, if you use any search engine and type “best wedding videographer in Italy” you will be amazed by the thousands of information that will pop up. Some will offer outrageous fees while others will lure you to pay lesser than you imagine. Whatever may be the situation, finding the real cost of a wedding videographer isn’t easy. There are a lot of things put into consideration when the price is quoted for a wedding coverage. These things include location, the experience of the videographer, quality of the video, numbers of hours such coverage will take, etc. Considering this, you may be tempted to hire a cheap wedding videographer for your wedding. Whatever the choice may be, you must put into contemplation the issue of quality. Do you think it is worth investing quantity over quality? One advice we always give our clients is to go for quality. If you value the importance of your wedding, you won’t want to jeopardize it. Therefore, knowing the exact price for a professional wedding videographer it is varies from person to person. Nevertheless, you can contact us to give you a quote of what our price will be. Our videography prices and packages we offer to our clients are based on equipment, training, time, and the love we put into our work.
FAQs: Frequently Asked Question
As the famous statement “A picture is worth a thousand words.” A picture tells who a person is, about their way of life, and about their relationship. Our aim is to give you an editorial-based representation of your beautiful wedding day. Our photography is perfectly tailored to meet the need of every couple based on their specific requirements and location. There may be some questions burdening you concerning our service. In this section, we will clear the air about that and give you the necessary information you need to have.
  • How long will you stay during the wedding day?
Your wedding is a special day and we understand this, which is why we keep things simple. For weddings, full day coverage comes as standard and all your images will be edited in high-resolution. This comes with the complete personal printing rights. For your elopements in Italy, the standard coverage takes about 5 hours; however, an extension of the timeframe is possible but based on the request.
  • How many images or photos will I get? When will I get the photos?
Depending on what you want, you can get more than 500 pictures, which is individually edited to bring the best quality. All of these pictures can be delivered within a period of 3 months. However, we understand that you may want some photos few hours after the wedding, which is why we do our best to provide at least a series of best photos so you could share with friends and family.
  • Do you offer engagement sessions?
Yes, we also provide engagement sessions for our clients. However, it is important to note that most of these sessions take place between Monday and Friday because of the numerous wedding schedules we have to keep up to. Just inform us what you want and our professional team will do the magic.
  • Does Image Studio shoot Video?
Yes, we do shoot video.
  • What is a pre-portrait Consultation?
Prior to your session, you will meet with our professional team for about 30 minutes to conclude discussion regarding outfits, props, location, styles, themes, and other creative ideas. It is our desire to hear any specifics from you and convert such idea into reality. Besides this, we will discuss other purchases you may like such as gifts and wall displays, which can be paid in advanced.
  • When can one book for their wedding event?
You can make your booking as soon as possible. We work on a first come first serve basis. We don’t write down dates on our calendar, which is why the wedding is only booked when the contract has been signed with the retainer paid fully.
  • Can we meet prior to the event?
If you decide to meet with our team before the main event, we can arrange that. Nevertheless, remember that our team of experienced photographers is always busy and may not meet you when you desire. To make it easier, we can schedule a Skype video meeting at your own time. Additionally, we respond to emails swiftly and we will answer any question you have.
  • What is your payment schedule?
A retainer or booking fee is due to reserve your date. You can make payment on installment basis prior to the event. We support credit cards and PayPal. Our payment system is very straightforward and much easier than a slice of cake.
  • Does Image Studio provide raw files from my wedding day?
Our package comes with a full resolution image. Nevertheless, we don’t provide RAW or unprocessed files from the shoot because we believe in providing a finished product. But if you decide that you want the raw file without any editing carried out on it, we will be pleased to do that.
  • Can my photos be published on your website?
Emphatically yes, our business comes from our website and we display colorful and beautiful pictures. For us at Image Studio, it is important to publish some of the most amazing and breathtaking photos on our website. We will also do the same to your own photos as well.
Review from our clients
“One of the best choices we have made concerning our wedding planning was booking Image Studio for the photography. The picture didn’t just come out in beautiful, it was exceptionally easy to work with their team of experts from the beginning to the end. Right from the scheduled meeting to the engagement photos, everything was stress-free. The penny was worth it.” Mariana “Image Studio was quite amazing. Though the price was expensive, it was worth it concerning disappointment from a recognized photography firm. I notice a trend in the shots and pose, but the poses were nothing short of originality. We will use them again!” Amy Djin. “Image Studio was FANTASTIC! They were simply cool and helped us in getting some great looking unique photos for both the engagement and wedding. Besides this, the pictures were fun and of high quality. Though initially, we had our doubts, but they were dissolved by the first picture taken by the best wedding photographer in Italy according to our standards.” Erika “Great photographer! They do their work exceptionally well. They were recommended by an intimate friend and they didn’t disappoint as praised by my friend. I will highly recommend them to friends and family.” Georgiana Emanuel “While I can’t speak of the quality of the wedding shots taken by Image Studio; however, I can testify of the quality and excellence of the engagement pictures taken by Image Studio. They simply got their style and swag when it comes to photography. I would happily love everyone to use their services.” Kate Alisa “We LOVE our engagement and wedding photos. Image Studio is the excellent and has the best of wedding photography. Every moment was captured as we wished it was. Their services were professional and our guest became fond of the camera. We perfectly knew what we were getting into when we hired the services of Image Studio to cover our wedding. Though this comes at a price it was worth paying for” Catalin