Are you planning to get married in Italy? Italy has splendid lakes, castles, amazing views, to ensure your wedding’s setting will be awesome indeed. We are offering the best wedding photography, planning guide and inspiration for your Italy wedding. Image Studio is one of the most appreciated wedding photographers. Search through our gorgeous real weddings to inspire your big day!

Elena & Alexandru Residenza Castelverde, Rome, Italy

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This Heartfelt Lake Como Wedding is Pure Enchantment

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Amy & Djin Borgo di Tragliata, Rome, Italy

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Modern Pentecostal Wedding in Beautiful Church in Turin

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This Breathtaking Venice Destination Wedding is an Italian Fairy Tale

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Simply Beautiful Rome Wedding at Residenza Castelverde

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Weddings in Italy

An Italian wedding is a thing of beauty. Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world—and throughout the whole country, you will find places where there’s a mixture of old-world charm and modern sophistication. These venues are both rustic and forward-thinking, fashionable yet cozy, elegant and joy-filled at the same.

Italy has all the wonders of nature to ensure your wedding’s setting will be gorgeous indeed. Whether you love bodies of water or towering peaks, Italy has splendid lakes and majestic mountains for you. Not to mention villas, castles, churches and other amazing architectural wonders that will take your breath away.

The weather in Italy is also spectacular for weddings, being sunny in many places for months on end, or even all year round. You are sure to get lovely photographs of your special day. And we haven’t even begun to mention the cuisine. Italian food is famous all over the world, with culinary delights that will satisfy everyone.

And finally, there are the people. Italians are among the warmest, friendliest people you’ll ever meet. They’ll welcome you into their hearts, and help you have a wedding experience you’ll never forget.

Rome Weddings

A wedding in Rome guarantees a romantic and picturesque experience in the Eternal City. The wonderful thing about it is that you can have any sort of wedding that you wish for—church weddings, weddings in castles, rooftop weddings, and so on. For the faithful, there are so many beautiful churches to choose from, such as the Chiesa di Santa Caterina Martire, or the church of Santa Caterina the Martyr.

A beautiful Orthodox Church in Rome, the Chiesa di Santa Caterina Martire is just a stone’s throw away from one of the most important Roman landmarks, St. Peter’s Basilica. The Church Santa Caterina Martire can be found at Via del Lago Terrione, inside the park of Villa Abamelek, where the embassy of Russia is located. It is a fairly new church since construction finished only in 2009 and a beautiful and majestic structure that reaches almost 30 meters to the sky.

As a marvelous place for photographing the bride and groom, we’d like to suggest Civitavecchia, a seaport town on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Comune di Civitavecchia is a historical city dating from Etruscan times. Visitors to the city will surely be impressed with the Forte Michelangelo, whose tower was designed by the master himself.

And for the wedding reception, look no further than Residenza Castelverde or Borgo di Tragliata. At Residenza Castelverde, the menu for the wedding feast can be prepared to the couples’ hearts’ delight. The venue comes with an open bar, and reception ceremonies such as cake-cutting or bouquet-throwing can be done besides one of the two pools.

On the other hand, the Borgo de Tragliata is found in Rome’s countryside, less than 30 kilometers from the city. It is a beautiful location for a rustic, yet sophisticated wedding reception and the sun-drenched countryside is particularly ideal for a summer wedding.

Lake Como Weddings

If a stunning lakeside is your desired venue for your special day, a Lake Como wedding may be the perfect choice for you. So many brides and grooms have chosen this spectacular place for their weddings, and little wonder, what with Lake Como’s magnificent villas and scenic lakeside views. Lake Como also has delectable local dishes, and wonderful wines to toast the bride and groom!

If you are looking for an Orthodox church at Lake Como, you’ll be glad to find the Chiesa Ortodossa Santi Apostoli Pietro e Paolo, the Orthodox Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. The parish and community are warm, welcoming and friendly towards every visitor.

And for your reception, we highly recommend the very charming La Rizulin. Designed along the curved lines of a spiral, La Rizulin is an elegant and modern restaurant set in the heart of Brianza, Como. It comes highly recommended by many who have visited the area, and has been home to many weddings and receptions over the past years, due to its stunning setting and amazing cuisine.

Celebrations at La Rizulin go from an intimate group of 10, to a big celebration of up to 350 guests, who will find the gardens, ballroom and reception hall absolutely delightful. La Rizulin also has an on-site bridal suite where the bride and groom can steal away for touch ups, or even get a bit of rest afterwards. La Rizulin limits its venue to only one special event per day, ensuring the bride and groom of topnotch quality service and attention to detail.

Turin Weddings

Ahhh…Turin! The wonderful thing about getting married in the historical city of Turin is the wide number of choices. Among churches, there are Baroque or Renaissance churches or the modern intimate settings that characterize church communities today. Couples can also chose from famous landmarks in Turin, from the Mole Antonelliana to the Carignano Theatre. Even Turin’s City Hall has a special room for weddings, the “Sala dei Marmi.” As for their receptions, brides and grooms have a number of elegant villas to choose from as well.

One such lovely wedding venue is the Eben Ezer Pentecostal Church in Turin. Couples can enjoy the warmth and simplicity of their closest friends and family surrounding them in this intimate venue. And the music at Eben Ezer Church is simply heavenly.

Those who choose the Albergo dei Cacciatori as their reception venue never have any cause for regret. Managed by the renowned Barroco family for over five decades, the hotel can manage receptions of up to 260 guests in their spacious banquet halls, and guests can also take leisurely walks in the parks’ luxurious grounds. And because it is a hotel, it’s easy for the bride and groom, as well as their guests, to retire after a long day and night of wedding festivities. The food at the Albergo dei Cacciatori is simply superb, and from the famed national dishes to the local Piedmontese specialties, guests will surely be satisfied.

Treviso Weddings

Sun-kissed Treviso is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. It’s a town situated very close to Venice, and is a gorgeous place for a wedding. Treviso, away from the hustle and bustle of busy Venice, is an oasis of peace and intimacy that is a perfect venue for a romantic wedding. As with other places in Italy, couples can choose to exchange their vows in grand villas or churches built centuries ago, in the midst of the town square for everyone to share and witness, or perhaps more modern settings.

Masinlul Oderzo is a Pentecostal Church in Via Padova, Treviso. An intimate and cozy setting for a wedding, this church is ideal for couples who love to be surrounded by people important to them on their wedding day. There are also wonderful words of blessing, and songs of great joy to celebrate the coming together of every bride and groom in this sacred place.

The Villa dei Contorni has many advantages for a dream wedding reception. Its setting is romantic and idyllic, with a park that comes with its very own lake, and each bride and groom can enjoy the gondola service prepared especially for them. The food, with its meat and fish specialties, shows off the restaurant’s four decades of experience and culinary expertise. Couples and their guests who love to dance may avail of the dance floor in the marble gazebo, which also comes with bar service.

There are so many more magnificent and scenic places all over Italy where couples can celebrate their most special day. Anyone who wants to have their dream location wedding in Italy has a whole feast of amazing options to choose from. And the good news is, wherever it is in Italy that you plan to have your special day, we can be right there with you.

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