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The wedding is an integral part of the desires and dreams of everyone. The goal of every relationship is to get married in the church. Treviso serves as a wonderful place for the wine lovers because it is the area for the original production of Prosecco and radicchio wine.

Every wedding is a celebration and couples want to have the best memory of it as possible. Every couple wants their wedding to be unique. It becomes more special for people thinking of a destination wedding. This involves many things, including planning a destination wedding videographer that will document your best moments.

While planning that, you must understand that for Italians, a church wedding is the first step to building a strong family. It is like a ritual for Italians and you will appreciate why they always get the best wedding photographers to capture the moments.

The spiritual dimension of the marital process is worth keeping for years to come. The procession, exchange of vows, and benediction are worth documenting. Once you are through with your church wedding, you can ride along to your reception. You can film the ceremony from the church to your reception by hiring the best destination wedding videography provider. Image Studio can capture every detail of your special day.

Marrying in church is a thing of joy, pride, and achievement. If you are not from Rome, you won’t understand the importance of the marital ritual and its significance in building a strong family.

23 April 2017
Teo & Ella
Published in: photos, Wedding Photographer Treviso, Location: Villa dei Contorni

Teo & Ella

We could not help but share in the joy and excitement Ella and Teo had on their wedding day on April 23, 2017. The bride and groom could barely contain their delight, which certainly was contagious. No wonder their wedding was both sweet and chic, as they chose to have it in the very center of Italy’s fashion district. Along with those dear to them, we were honored to take part in their special day.