Turin Weddings

Do you like your church wedding to be celebrated as the same place as your banquet? Well, you have various venues in Turin that offers you the opportunity of officiating your religious ceremony and civil wedding. It will be a convenient choice for your guest and less stressful for the bride and groom, especially when it involves planning a destination wedding videography. You have exclusive venues to get your wedding videography done without adding additional cost.

Do you want an American or Roman style wedding? There are venues to suit your option for your special day. If you like, your reception to be a stone throw away from the church, the castle is suitable for you. Wedding photographers can position strategically while they document your best moments with you and your groom. Imagine saying “I do” at a courtyard garden in the midst of your loved one. The joy is one that is unexplainable that only your wedding videos can tell. Our job at Image Studio is your film the ceremony using high-quality equipment and well-trained staff while you relinquish your special day.

Whether you want us to show you around one of our favorite places, or bring us somewhere new, we will be with you at every step of the way and no details will be left out.

Here you can find some beautiful destination wedding videos that you might find useful for planning your wedding:

Emanuel & Georgiana
Published in: photos, Wedding Photographer Turin, Location: Albergo dei Cacciatori

Emanuel & Georgiana

Some couples choose to get married by the lake, or the sea, or other bodies of water, but we are so glad that Emanuel and Georgiana decided on the scenic mountainside of Turin for their glorious wedding day. And what a wonderful choice it was! The young couple simply glowed with love for each other on the bright summer day that they exchanged vows to be loyal and true to each other forever.