Vicenza Wedding Videographer

The wedding day is a day worth remembering for years to come. As a bride, you may have pictured how every moment should be. However, you cannot get a comprehensive detail of how everything went. You may never have the opportunity of seeing what your husband dressing up, the tension, smile, and laughter. Think of the effort put in by your family members to make your day memorable. Don’t you think you need to document your best moments?

Everyone has a fantasy of how their church wedding should be. They have dreamed of walking down the aisle with their father, being cheered by the congregation, and standing in front of everyone professing their love. They have thought of guests admiring their outfits worn and the elegant class of a unique wedding.

Nevertheless, all of these required the best planning. Planning a destination wedding videography and the best wedding photographers can bring some beauty element to your wedding. While the wedding videographers film the ceremony, you will need pictures. You don’t have to hire a cheap photographer for this job if you consider the investment you have made when planning for your church wedding and the receptions.

At Image Studio, we have well-trained professionals that will provide every detail during your wedding. From the church to the reception, you have something to look back on. Don’t let the best day of your life go empty, document your best moments during your religious ceremony or civil wedding.

16 July 2016
Victoria & Andrei Hotel Villa Michelangelo, Vicenza, Italy
Published in: video, Location: Hotel Villa Michelangelo

Victoria & Andrei Hotel Villa Michelangelo, Vicenza, Italy

The joy of getting married cannot be likened to anything in this world. No celebration is worth celebrating like that of the wedding between Victoria and Andrei. The wedding which attracted guest from different parts of the world was a demonstration of love and commitment. It was a beautiful scene to behold as everyone gave their best to ensure the wedding was successful.