Perhaps, you are dreaming about the details of your future wedding. The food, flowers, the cocktails are all spinning through your memory within a flash. The choices are too many for you to catch every detail. However, here is the truth. These memories won’t last no matter how much you try. Only two things can keep these memories for years to come – photos and videos.

The most important decision to make during your church wedding is hiring an experienced wedding photographer for your event. Someday, your kids will want to see “the younger you”. Nothing is comparable to seeing history first hand and when you film your ceremony, you save history.

It is not enough knowing the importance of getting the right photographer but how do you find one that will do the magic? Well, we at Image Studio have experienced and trained photographers that put in dedication and excellence in their job. Furthermore, our photographer will also help you find the perfect location for your event to give your videos and photo a lift.

Find a photographer with the right taste and style like what you have. Our photographers have a good personality because there is nothing as such as worst as having a photographer who is boisterous during your event.