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«Choosing Imagestudio as your wedding photographer may very well be the best wedding planning decision you make (other than marrying your fiancĂ©e). Dimitri, at Image Studio, is one of the best destination wedding photographers. He’s passionate about creating a fun, relaxed experience for you, while he captures extraordinary fine-art images that will leave you amazed. His bridal portraits are gorgeous, his details are stunning, and his ability to capture real and relevant moments is nothing short of genius. Sought after for his talent and skill, he’s on the road throughout Italy and Europe all year long and he’s available to travel to your wedding anywhere in the world.» – junebugweddingsRead More

Image Studio is an award-winning Destination Wedding Photography provider in Rome, Italy serving the Italian Lakes, Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Siena, Florence, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Ravello, Italian Riviera. At Image Studio, we capture memories, not just photographs. Although we are based in Rome, we serve the entire Italy and Europe. Our passion for our work can take us to any part of the world, and would love to do that any day. With expert dynamism, high-end creativity and sheer professionalism we are the most sought-after wedding photographer in Italy. From artistic fine-art images to stunning bridal portraits, our Italian wedding photographers capture it all, and they produce phenomenal results all the time. If you’re planning for your wedding, choose Image Studio. We will turn your big day the most special day – that’s our promise.
Italy, being the birthplace of la dolce vita (the sweet life), is an ideal wedding destination. With its rich art, ancient history, ethereal vistas, top-notch cuisine and abundant wine (Italy leads the world with more than four million acres of vineyards) Italy is the most romantic country in the world. So, if you’ve chosen to get married in Italy, give us the job to photograph it. We would literally capture the best moments of your wedding that are worth treasuring. We always offer affordable destination wedding packages.Read more

We have a wealth of over 30 years experience in offering timeless destination wedding photography in Rome, Italy. ImageStudio Photography has a worldwide reputation for unique, stylish, contemporary images that stand out from the rest. They’ve taken Italian Wedding Photography to new heights, successfully capturing images of the bride and groom and turning it into an art form. Utilizing some of the most renowned and beloved wedding destinations in the world including, Rome, Tuscany, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Italian Riviera, Ravello, Positano and Florence. Whether your wedding is in a traditional or modern setting, we’ll assist you with choosing the right background, mood and backdrop. We work with the bride and groom with a vision, and enthusiastic approach resulting in a collection of images that reflect the fun and romance of the Big Day, and create a beautiful wedding album full of stunning, creative, contemporary images to treasure forever.
Our experienced wedding photographers in Rome can also help you in finding a suitable venue for your wedding that can actually provide the backdrop for the type of photography that can reflect you as an individual. Ranging from well known locations to hidden unconventional places, we’ve taken clients to wedding sites all over the country; from the Alps, to the islands and coasts, to the countryside, and to the beautiful lakes. With our experience and knowledge, we can help you decide on the perfect location for your wedding based on your specific requirements. We can also assist with scouting a location or area beforehand. Next, we’ll personally get to know you by determining your desires, vision and needs. Our aim is to make your event an unforgettable occasion and realizing your vision successfully and exceptionally by helping you with all aspects of planning, designing and coordinating your wedding photography.
So whether your wedding is is Fairy Tale event at a Medieval castle replete with staff in period costume—or an intimate service on the beach along the Amalfi Coast, we can make your special day a enduring memory that lasts a lifetime. Contact Imagestudio today for the best Destination Wedding Photography in Italy. Show less

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